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Audio-Technica 440MLb Phono Cartridge
Product Review:
This AT440MLb cartridge is equipped with Audio-Technica's patented Dual
Magnet cartridge design and delivers “PRACTICALLY IDENTICAL TO
Only $199.00
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Winner of The 2012 Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award!
With the new and improved AT440MLa phono cartridge, Audio-Technica delivers musical excellence in an affordably-priced audiophile cartridge that rightfully should be compared with moving magnets costing up to $500. Yes, it is that good. The Audio-Technica AT440MLa's excellence lies in the suitable employment of advanced designs uniquely available to Audio-Technica because of its rich technical history and production capabilities:

The Vector-Aligned Dual Magnet design, which uses two tiny magnets to achieve ideal geometry and low magnet mas, for excellent channel separation and extended frequency response.

A MicroLine™ stylus produces better high frequency response with less wear and distortion than elliptical or conventional linear contact styli. The small curving rate of the MicroLine stylus enables it to track and playback the inner part of the record groove that other styli can hardly maintain. Also the curving rate of the MicroLine stylus does not change until the stylus is almost worn unlike that of conventional styli which increases as they are used. Accordingly, the MicroLine stylus has a much longer average playing life. It plays better, longer.

Audio-Technica's Paratoroidal Signal Generator is composed of a unified, laminated coil core wound with a single piece of wire eliminating internal mechanical and electrical connections, minimizing magnetic losses and assuring better signal transfer. The coil incorporates PCOCC wire (Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting), a special copper with virtually no transverse crystal barriers to impede signal transmission, for distortion-free sound. PCOCC is used in the construction of its coil and lead wires.

Vinyl Asylum Review of Audio Technica 440 MLA

User Manual Audio Technica 440MLa
  • Frequency response (Hz) : 20-20,000
  • Output voltage (mV, 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec.) : 4.0
  • Channel separation (dB, 1 kHz ) : 27
  • Channel balance (dB, 1 kHz) : 0.8
  • Tracking force (g) : 1.0-1.8 (1.4 optimal)
  • Coil impedance (k½, 1 kHz) : 3.2
  • Coil inductance (mH, 1 kHz) : 490
  • Load impedance (k½) : 47
  • Dynamic compliance (x10-6 cm/dyne) : 10
  • Static compliance (x10-6 cm/dyne) : 40
  • Stylus : 0.12 mil Nude square Micro-Linear stylus
  • Vertical tracking angle : 20
  • Dimensions (mm) : L17.3 x W 16.0 x H 28.0
  • Weight (g) : 6.5

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