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Audioquest Carbon Fiber Brush
Product Review:
Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Awards 2007 – 2010
A great little product no turntable owner should be without! Made with carbon fiber bristles, the Audioquest record brush uses conductive carbon fibers to eliminate static electricity while removing dust and fine particles that can degrade your record's sound.
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The AQ Record Brush is about the second best record cleaner around. The vacuum cleaners from Nitty Gritty are the most effective. However, even owners of these cleaners need an AQ Record Brush to keep the dust off between cleaning.

The AQ Brush has over a million conductive carbon fibers. They are small enough to get into the groove and their conductivity helps drain static charge. We don't provide a ground wire because it isn't needed. Static charge is high voltage, low amperage and is easily dissipated into the user's body. Unlike cleaners that must be used with a fluid, the AQ Record Brush is incapable of hurting your records.

Directions for use:
1. Place record on platter and start turntable.
2. Holding metal part of brush, gently place the brush across the grooves for a few turns until dust is collected.
3. With the brush on the record, carefully pull the brush towards you. Try not to lose any of the collected dust. It might be necessary to make a second pass to insure getting the very fine micro-dust which the carbon fibers are capable of collecting.
4. Rotate the brush within the metal handle to clean the bristles.

Stereophile, August, 1996, Vol. 19, #8, p.55, Analog Corner, Michael Fremer
For every day dustbusting I wouldn't kick Audioquest record brush off my vinyl either.

Recommended By Disc Doctor As Their Favorite Dry Brush.
"A very good basic carbon fiber brush." Over 1,000,000 conductive carbon fibers.

Stevehoffman.tv Audioquest Carbon Fiber Brush
I prefer the Audioquest brush. I haven't had any bristles fall off in 5 or so years. I agree that the Hunt brush is hard to use. I bought one to replace the AQ and went back to the AQ.

Audiogon Audioquest vs Hunt EDA Mk6 Record Brushes
I use both the Audioquest and Acoustech. I find both superior to the Hunt. You don't need to use your RCM before every play. Clean it properly and a light brushing is all that is needed for a long time.

Vinylengine Carbon Fibre Brushes
I also tried a lower priced version that looked exactly the same if one did not look to close. The bristles were more coarse and tended to shead. I tossed it out. Look out for cheesy junky copies.

Audioasylum.com Audioquest Carbon Fibre Brushe
My favorite over the years has been the Audioquest carbon fiber brush. With clean records, the Audioquest's primary job is to remove the static. People will argue about whether any brush really remove .......

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