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Dynavector 17D3 Phono Cartridge
Product Review:
The highly acclaimed Dynavector 17D3 phono cartridge features exotic materials that put it in a class all its own. Few companies at any price offer a solid diamond cantilever like the Dynavector. The frequency response is among the highest I’ve ever seen: 20 to 100,000 Hz. –Jerry Raskin
Only $1,350.00
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Winner of The Absolute Sound's 2007 "Golden Ear" award!
The new 17D3 Karat Diamond is the first cartridge built using 'dispersion' theory. Its Micro-Ridge stylus and very short (1.7mm) solid diamond cantilever give a huge reduction in 'frequency dispersion', unmatched dynamics and a high frequency extension all the way up to 100kHz. The latest patented magnet circuit design increases the output to 0.3mV with crystal clear mid-range and treble even during the largest symphonic crescendos.

Features and Improvements

The main change to the new Dynavector 17D3 is an improvement in the design of the front yoke. This appears, on the surface, to be a small difference yet contributes to a greatly improved overall performance justifying a model number change.

The new yoke improves focus in the magnetic circuit and in combination with the flux damping mechanism and softened magnetism (patent) gives accurate sonic qualities leading to a very natural sound. The change has also enabled a useful increase in output to 0.3mV.

The Dynavector Karat is notable for its gemstone cantilever. This 1.7mm long by 0.25mm diameter solid diamond cantilever has its 0.06 square mm stylus mounting hole precision cut by laser. The Micro Ridge Stylus of 0.06 square mm nude diamond is securely and accurately bonded to the cantilever.

The armature of 0.9mm square and 0.4mm thick is much smaller than normal, upon which are wound 60 turns per channel of 12 micron fine wire.

Karat 17D3 showed a ruler flat response from 100 Hz to 30KHz of under ± 0.5 dB

1.7mm length Diamond cantilever is much smaller than conventional cantilever

Enjoy The Music is right when they say: “This cartridge is the best rocker I've ever met.”

The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award, August 2007

The Absolute Sound, Editors Coice Award 2007- 2005

Hi-Fi World

A glorious taste of the high end at real world prices, but match carefully with top quality ancillaries. - March/2000

With its straight solid diamond cantilever of only 1.7mm length and Microridge stylus,the performance of this cartridge is truly amazing,enabling it to track with superb precision,deliver crystal clear mid band clarity, precise treble and a firm bass. thoroughbred design.

  • There is a 3D-style focusing on the music scene, a totally noise-free music drama ambience and unparalleled dynamics. The bass region was like a crash of thunder piercing the loaded sky and then kicking mother earth without warning. This cartridge is the best rocker I've ever met. Voices have breathless start and a sharp edge, not any adding effects to put you in confusion. I always flirted with this kind of midrange, so I found the DV-Karat a lovely partner. The midrnage also is reproduced with an extraordinary bevy of dynamic expressions.
  • If I didn't know the price of the DV-Karat 17D2 MKII and had only its sonic performance in front of me, I would buy it at once. Considering now the almost silly price for what I got, I really don't know what to say. This transducer is revolutionary in any case, my friends. Very highly recommended!

    ToneAudio Spotlight - Review
    "a ton of detail with a very high degree of tonal accuracy. If you’re looking for a cartridge in the sub-$1000 range, the Dynavector 17D3 should be on your short list."
  • Specifications

  • Output: 0.23mV
  • Stylus: Microridge
  • Cantilever: 1.7mm Diamond
  • Frequency Range: 20 to 100,000 Hz
  • Tracking Force: 1.8-2.0g
  • Weight: 5.3g
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 100ohms
  • Impedance: 38ohms
  • Compliance: 15x10-6cm/dyn
  • Warranty 1 Year

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