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Pro-Ject RM5.1SE Turntable
Product Review:
This sleek turntable catches any modernist eye with a piano lacquered high gloss chassis. It sounds even better than it looks. The Pro-Ject RM5.1SE boasts superior tracking qualities with virtually no friction thanks to Swiss designed bearings and impressive carbon fiber arm tube. MDF/vinyl composite platter has a high mass with low resonance. This turntable has a rhythmic incisiveness that lets you hear even your favorite tune with fresh ears. The Pro-Ject RM5.1SE delivers incredibly smooth sonic quality from the loudest crescendo to the most intricate pizzicatos.

The RM5.1SE uses an MDF platter with an integrated vinyl mat. A felt mat is pictured here.
Only $999.00
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The RM-5 SE makes a stunning design and audio performance statement in a “value oriented” performance package featuring a Sumiko Blue Point No.2 high-output moving coil cartridge that is factory mounted for your convenience. A resonance-optimized platter made from MDF with integrated vinyl mat rests upon an MDF plinth with a suspended motor assembly optimized for low resonance and speed stability. The table incorporates a stainless steel axle that runs on a Teflon bearing plate in a bronze housing for lower wow-and-flutter and superior speed accuracy. Three-point aluminum cone feet further reduce noise and vibration. A 9" fixed headshell tonearm with precision Swiss bearings and rigid carbon fiber arm tube provides superior tracking and cartridge control. Accurate adjustment of both VTA and azimuth is easily accomplished. Detachable interconnect cable and a screw down record clamp are included.

The aim to better the hi-fi -classic Pro-Ject-1 is achieved with two different approaches: According to the principle of "less is more" we exchanged the rectangular chassis in favour of a radical "drop-form". In addition, the old resonating main platter was exchanged for MDF which is free of resonance. A metal ring is mounted around the main bearing for optimised conductance of unwanted vibrations. The audible benefits are amazing. The sound is calmer and richer without losing detail.

Brochure Pro-Ject RM5.1SE

User Manual Pro-Ject RM5.1SE

Brochure Pro-Ject 9cc Tonearm

User Manual Pro-Ject 9cc Tonearm

Absolute Sound Pro-Ject RM-5 SE, Rega P3-24 & Sota Comet Turntable Systems By Wayne Garcia, Maarch 2008
"...It’s not so much that this Pro-Ject lets you hear more detail, or that I heard things in the track I hadn’t before, but that its rhythmic incisiveness somehow heightens the sensation of a guy playing the guitar"

Absolute Sound Pro-Ject Debut III, RM-5, RM-10 Turntables, and TubeBox SE Phonostage By Jim Hannon, june 2007
"...The RM-5 and Blue Point No.2 make a formidable combination in the sub-kilobuck sweepstakes, and the carbon-fiber arm is a pleasant surprise. Whereas this combo does not provide triple the performance of the Debut III, it brings forth more of the fine details that make listening more engaging and rewarding. Its sound is far closer to the bigger Pro-Ject ’tables and worth the extra coin."

Six Moons Pro-Ject RPM-5 & Ortofon Rondo Red By Paul Candy, March 2006
"...The RPM 5 is the third turntable I've sampled from the Pro-Ject stable and it may be the most successful yet in striking that magic balance between price, performance, accessories and appearance."

Don Lindich’s Sound Advice Blog Pro-Ject RM-5 Turntable-Record Rennaisance in the iPod Age
"...No matter the record, the RM-5 made sound that was magical- clean, warm, and natural, with powerful, defined bass and crystalline highs that were not too bright. The music emanated from a silent background, the system providing all the clarity, quietness and impact one associates with CD, but with a far more natural, engaging, and delicate sound- even from 40 year-old records. A British magazine said of the RM-5, “already becoming a legend”. I can see why. That the RM-5/Blue Point No. 2 system is available for under $1,000 total is quite an achievement and a testament to Pro-Ject’s high value equation."

JazzTimes Let’s Get Physical: Why Analog Always Trumps Digital By Mike Quinn, November 2007
"...The RM-5, though not sporting the heft nor the features of more expensive tables, is a very respectable performer in its own right, and offers something that normally only comes with much costlier tables, a screw-down record clamp that guarantees the record will lay flat on the platter (in analog, flatter is better). Listening to this rig was more than pleasurable, and even at this price point, bested all but the most meticulously engineered CDs. There is just something inherently organic about analog playback at any level that makes listening more involving, and this Pro-Ject table did not disappoint in this very important aspect. For the money, this is an outstanding performer, and a great way to catch the vinyl bug on a budget."

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