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Rega RP1 Upgrade Kit
Product Review:
The Rega Upgrade Kit offers an improved belt, the Bias 2 cartridge with a 14mm o ring and a wool mat. All of these things combined drastically improve your systems performance. You can improve your speed stability and accuracy with the belt while obtaining a detailed and balanced signal with the Bias 2. The 100 % wool mat offers superior support for the record. Try it today!
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The Performance Pack is designed for use with the RP1 turntable and as a natural replacement for the outgoing P2 model. It includes the Rega Bias moving magnet cartridge, upgrade drive belt and a high performance 100% natural wool turntable mat usually supplied with the P3,P5 and P7. You will also find a 14mm diameter rubber spacer enclosed in the cartridge pack which ensures the plug and play design of the RP1 remains, along with a cartridge alignment protractor for use when fitting the cartridge.

Upgrade Drive Belt
The increased drive delivered by the upgrade belt offers greater speed stability and accuracy. This is especially noticeable during long musical notes which adds greatly to the musical performance of the turntable.

Bias 2 Cartridge
A hand assembled moving magnet cartridge which uses a high quality elliptical stylus and parallel wound coils that would usually be found in cartridges costing many times the amount. Housed in Rega’s unique lightweight high rigidity cartridge body the Bias 2 offers a detailed, balanced performance with tight bass and excellent stereo imagery.

Turntable Mat
A high quality mat manufactured from 100% natural wool. Wool having stiffer fibres than synthetic man made material directly improves coupling between the phenolic resin platter and the vinyl LP.

Plug & Play
The inclusion of a 14mm ‘O’ ring spacer is supplied in with the Bias 2 cartridge box. This is fitted to the balance weight shaft before pushing the weight on as far as it goes. This automatically sets the tracking weight to the recommended range of the Bias 2 cartridge and negates the need for setup or a tracking pressure gauge.

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