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ADL GT40a Phono/Headphone Amp w/ DAC

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The seriously-shielded audiophile-grade GT40α features a low-latency USB 2.0 audio driver that plays and records at 24bits/192kHz. A likely first for this category, the GT40α includes a built-in low-noise MM / MC phono preamp! Record your favorite vinyl to hard disk via the USB output.

The ADL GT40α features L/R analog outputs, and switchable line or phono inputs with a vivid, captivating sound that is simply unheard of in this category.

The ADL GT40α (wired with ADL’s Formula 2 cable of course!) brings Furutech’s signature sound -- smooth, detailed clarity -- to desktop systems, especially with high resolution 24bits/192kHz files, but even 16-bit/44.1kHz files sound impeccable and very musical.

Hifi Choice Recommended Component

As an ADC, performance is broadly similar, though it’s harder to compare things to the status quo, as we are really looking at a field of one. Line level inputs are captured well (again with good detail) and we felt that imaging is, if anything, a little better than on the replay side. Deep bass is excellent, a touch better in our opinion than that of the semi-pro (Firewire) ADC we used for comparison and the treble is nicely open and clear.

A/V Guide Review

The GT40 brings High End sound to your system in the following way: Recall any visit to a fellow audio enthusiast’s home. As music plays you can immediately hear if the sound “sets up” in an audiophile way: A sense of spaciousness, imaging, out-of-the-speaker sound, open highs and an inviting midrange over tight bass. The ADL GT40 brings Furutech’s signature sound of smooth, wideband, detailed clarity to desktop systems, especially with high resolution 24-bit/96kHz files, but music at 16/44.1 also sounds much improved. Your first impression will be that you’ve never experienced compute files sound so open!
  • High performance 24bits/192kHz “VIA VT1736 “USB chip and 24bits/192kHz “Cirrus Logic CS4270” DAC /ADC chip
  • Enjoy audio in high resolution at 24bits/192kHz surpassing conventional 16bit/44.1KHz standards
  • Incorporates the most trusted driver in professional audio for 24bits/192kHz recording and playback
  • External power supply: while a USB-powered device might be convenient, it won’t develop the power required for high resolution playback, so we designed the GT40α with an external power supply to solve the problem.
  • Headphone Amplifier: It contains a high performance “Maxim MAX9722A” headphone amplifier with ample drive for good headphones
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter: The GT40α sports a high-performance ADC IC chip for high resolution recordings via analog inputs including phono, AM/FM radio, or other analog signals.
  • Convenient Clip signal Toggle switch for Recording Attenuation: Adjust the recording attenuation to avoid any distortion during recording: 0dB, 6 dB, or 12dB (RecAtt/db signal light comes on when input level exceeds circuit Gain).
  • Phono Preamplifier: A first for this class, the GT40α features a phono equalizer for recording your precious LPs. Switch between Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) or Line input
  • Highest Quality Parts: The GT40α features a high quality amplifier and condenser supporting its high performance analog circuit (NJM5532 OPAMP: for ADC,DAC,Line in and out and NJM2068 OPAMP: for Phono )
  • High End Audio Grade Connections: The GT40α is equipped with gold-plated Teflon-insulated RCA jacks with an extremely high quality aluminum chassis and machined volume knob
  • Technical:
  • USB & Analog Playback and Record multimedia audio system
  • USB & Analog Playback and Record multimedia audio system
  • Connectivity: USB B Interface, Analog input/output RCA jack
  • USB Playback Resolution : 24bits/192kHz (Max)
  • USB Recording Resolution: 24bits/192kHz (Max) supports 44.1 /48 /88.2 /96 /176.4 /192 (kHz)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (+/-0.5 dB)
  • SN ratio: >90dB (A-wtd) / Line Output
  • Line Output Level: 5 Vrms
  • Line Input Level: MC 0.4mV / MM 4.0mV / Line 2Vrms
  • Headphone Output Level: 1% THD 1kHz (Max.) , 94mW(16 ohm),110mW(32 ohm), 98.6mW (56 ohm), 23mW (300 ohm)
  • Power Supply AC Adaptor Rating: Erp step2 compliant, 2Wire AC Input Type, Class II, AC/DC Switching Adaptor output DC 15V / 0.8A / 12W
  • Dimensions: 150 (W) x 111 (D) x 57 (H) mm
  • Weight: 650g Approx.
  • GT40a Windows driver supports Win XP, Win 7 and Win 8 (not Win Vista)

  • MM/MC Technical:
  • Input Sensitivity Level for MM: 4.0mVrms at 1K Hz
  • Input Sensitivity Level for MC: 0.4mVrms at 1K Hz
  • Input Sensitivity Level for LINE: 400mVrms at 1K Hz
  • Maximum Input Level for LINE: 2Vrms at 1K Hz
  • MC input to LINE output (Vol./Max.) => 70dB @ 1K Hz ,( +/-1dB)
  • MM input to LINE output (Vol./Max.) => 50dB @ 1K Hz ,( +/-1dB)
  • LINE input to LINE output (Vol./Max.) => 8dB @ 1K Hz ,( +/-1dB)
  • Loading: 47 kOhm MM, 100 Ohm MC
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    The ADL-GT40a is a phenomenal piece of equipment. It is a must have if you are interested a versatile tool to enhance vinyl listening or music production. The Inputs and Outputs allows it to interface with any piece of home or professional audio equipment. I have mine driving my Yamaha MSP5’s for truly flat high fidelity listening. It couples to my Sound Devices mixer for doing pro music production. The RIAA curve is excellent for vinyl listening/conversion to 24Bit 192Khz on my MacBook Pro. My TT is a Yamaha YP-B2 with Ortofon 2mRED. It even makes my MDS-E10 (MD Deck) and CDR-W33 (CD Mastering Deck) sound better converting the 24Bit 44.1Khz when routed by Toslink through my Mac. I can easily switch from driving my monitors to headphones by plugging in my Grado’s.

    DAC: Digital to audio, ADC: analogue to digital, phono & headphone pre-amp


    I have owned a GT40A for 3 years and use it almost daily. No breakdowns or performance problems. If you play and record analogue (ie; turntable) you can use by pushing a button and back to a DAC by pushing a button again. It is incredibly versatile: interfacing analogue to digital in both directions (DAC & ADC), phono pre-amp for all cartridges (low input MC to MM cartridges), 0, 6, 12 gain increase adjustments, headphone amp, easy turn knob attenuation adjustment that also controls headphone volume, 24 bit/192 Khz capable ...it does everything. It has only one analogue and one digital input which may be a problem for some. Windows software will sometimes get confused if you change your USB port to another or remove midstream - you just need to be aware. Minor issues. Great product and respectable performance.

    Fantastic D to A headphone amp.


    While I have only used this as a D to A headphone amplifier on my work PC, the sound is stunning and makes my work days far more enjoyable.