AcousTech Big Brush

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Also available equipped with grounding cord for even better static dissipation.

Dissipate static and wipe away harmful dust, lint and dirt with one simple stroke of this handle-held large brush. Unlike some record brushes, this model fits across the entire radius of a 12-inch LP. Its bristles are made of a unique blend of soft natural hairs and conductive synthetic fibers that result in effective static dissipation. Packaged in a re-sealable pouch. For use on LPs, film, glass, plastics and negatives.

Stereophile Analog Corner By Michael Fremer, September 2008

"Ever have one of those little carbon-fiber record-cleaning brushes slip out of your hand while you're dusting off an LP, and end up with one that's dust-free but now screatched? Acoustic Sounds figures you have, and recently began marketing AcousTech's The Big Record Brush, a large-handled brush of soft bristles, both natural hairs and conductive synthetic fibers. The 5.5"-wide bristle area easily spans the width of an LP's grooved area..."

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I used this brush constantly until one day sunlight hit my turntable and I saw how much dust was still on the record. I am very very careful with my records so when I say I saw dust it was very little but it was still there after using this brush. Decided to do a little test and out of the few brushes that I have the Decca - 2x2 Record Brush that I purchased long ago removed almost all of the dust. Only a very few specs left. Did twice as good as this brush.

H babenko


Excellent brush, very impressed. it really works, takes static off records and doesn't damage records.. No collection should be without this..



This is a awesome brush, worked better at removing static than my Hunt EDA mark 6 brush, is very effective in removing dust and is great for using as part of my record cleaning process. Highly recommended.



This is a great brush for getting rid of dust and reducing static. The handle makes it easy to hold and brush against the records. It came in a blue plastic pouch to protect the bristles. While it did discharge static, it transferred to my thick felt slip mat, which I will most likely replace with the Music Hall Cork mat sometime in the future.