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Acoustic Signature Grip Mk3 Record Clamp & Load Record Weight

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Acoustic Signature record clamps and weights are pictured in the order they're listed for purchase (each in black or silver). Please make your selections above.

Acoustic Signature Grip Mk3 Record Clamp & Load Record Weight

Acoustic Signature has been representing the world's finest in precision-machining for over 2 decades - these record clamps & weights are no exception in terms of build-quality. Grip-S Mk3 and Grip Mk3 are torque-style clamps, while Load-S and Load are record weights.A briefing on each...
  • Grip-S Mk3 Record Clamp - Acoustic Signature's Grip-S record clamp delivers previously 'unheard' musical performance. CNC-machined and anodized, it implements Acoustic Signature's famous 'Silencer' technology, normally used in record platters for the high-end turntables. Its total mass is 752g and is designed for use with mid-high mass platters
  • Grip Mk3 Record Clamp - Though designed with Acoustic Signature turntables in mind, the Grip works well with almost any turntable on the market. Its mass is 315g and its 44mm tall with 74mm footprint
  • Load-S Record Weight - Load-S is a highly-innovative design that all but eliminates extraneous groove noise. CNC-machined, it implements Acoustic Signature's 'Silencer' technology, and is intended for use with high-mass platters. Its own mass is 715g
  • Load Record Weight - Weighing in at 280g (42mm tall and 68mm footprint), Acoustic Signature's Load record weight is functions perfectly on most turntables out there. With its own mass, it applies pressure to the record while playing, thereby coupling it to the platter. This heightens clarity and draws low-level detail closer to the surface, on top of helping to a degree with warpage
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