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Acoustic Signature Spacer Set for Rega (Small)

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Adjusting the height of your Rega tonearm is easy with Acoustic Signature's Spacer Set made from Stainless Steel. It allows you to adjust the height from 0.5mm to 3.5mm in precise steps of 0.5mm - without removing the tone arm. Simply loosen the screws, insert the AS-spacer, then lock the screws back down, and you're tonearm is ready to play. . The easiest explained by video

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First of all, the spacers were delivered quickly in three days by USPS priority mail. Excellent service. Second, and this is very important. The set is not as described on this website--but in a good way! I received the 0.5 to 6.5 mm set, which includes a 0.5mm, a 1.0mm, a 2.0mm, and a 3.0mm spacer. This was crucial for me to set up my ancient Dynavector 10x4 on my RP3. The VTA is now at 4mm so far but I haven't started fine tuning the VTF together with the VTA. These spacers make setting the VTA very precise and reasonably easy. You loosen the three screws that hold the arm to the table. Then you pull up on the arm (try get your fingers underneath the cue/antiskate mechanism to avoid pullng on the bearing) and slide each end of the spacer(s) underneath. Then screw down the arm and listen. It's much simpler than it sounds. Sometimes a small tweak like this is exactly what your system needs. I not interested in listening to my system thinking I needed to upgrade the subplatter or cartridge. However, I had heard such good things about the Dyna that I decided to learn to do a proper cartridge setup. By setting the VTA with these spacers I've started to hear proper highs, a much smoother and more open midrange, much cleaner bass (no mud anymore yay!) and real imaging! I have the VTF at 1.7 gm but I suspect I can go higher and raise the VTA a little more in the process.