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Aluminous Velvet Mini IVCM Isolation Module

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A Brief Discussion on Isolation

Isolation provides the best performance platform for your equipment. Upgrading your factory supplied spikes or solid feet to the IVCM modules translates into a much cleaner sound in the room as energy is not transferred to or from the equipment being isolated. With spikes, ball bearings, constrained layers and other mechanically coupled designs, a great deal of speaker vibrational energy is transferred into the floor or support shelves in the equipment rack, causing it to resonate as the floor behaves as a large diaphragm. Worse yet, designs using springs or constrained layers can increase vibrations through their own internal oscillations in response to the initial vibration, which is a worse situation than the un-treated vibration! IVCM modules function in a completely different, patent pending manner and are immune from oscillation problems.

How They Work

Vibration is transferred from the speaker or component through the attaching cone and inner block, which is supported by the textile material strap. Vibration enters the textile strap and is dissipated/absorbed, with any remaining vibration absorbed by the mass of the lower receiving module. Through this process, vector based and rotational vibration is absorbed. Vibration is not allowed to pass through the isolation module in either direction, creating a truly mechanically isolated arrangement. This design is superior in the ability to eliminate vibration as equipment is held securely in place using the weight of the equipment only, resting on the textile strap. As such, the equipment does not sense additional mass or an alteration to the original harmonics of the structure. By doing so, the natural sound of the equipment is retained while reaping the benefits of a vibration free environment. Sonically, the equipment will keep all of its positive sonic attributes, while exhibiting an across the board improvement as the detrimental effects of vibration are removed by the Velvet isolation module.

Every Component Benefits

Loudspeakers cause floor vibration, which causes all components of the system to vibrate including the entire equipment rack. Not a good situation for sensitive equipment such as turntables, vacuum tubes, and delicate point to point wiring found in many high quality pieces of equipment. Isolation provides a cleaner, better defined sonic landscape as it prevents vibrations from degrading each piece in the system and keeps resonances out of the structure of the listening room!
  • IVCM modules work with any device using factory threaded feet locations or by simply placing equipment on the modules
  • Unlike competing designs using springs, bearings or constrained layers, the IVCM design is non-reactive to vibration inputs
  • Any thread pattern is available with the IVCM modules to fit your equipment
  • Height adjustable for precise leveling of equipment (great choice for turntable feet upgrade)Technical:
  • 100 pounds per module weight capacity
  • 2.75 inch diameter
  • 2 inch total height
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