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Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Turntable / VM540ML Phono Cartridge - FREE GrooveWasher!

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Keep it in mind...All Audio-Technica VM-series replacement stylus are physically interchangeable. At any point in time you can order a stylus that caters to your specific application & budget, including 78rpm, spherical, bonded elliptical, nude elliptical & MicroLine. Scroll to the bottom of the page to peruse these options.

Audio-Technica VM540ML & AT-LP120-USB - A Match Made in Heaven

Featuring Audio-Technica's top-value performers, the VM540ML phono cartridge & LP120USB turntable, this package is specially curated by Needle Doctor for the discerning listener on a real-world budget. For the first time on the entirety of the internet, we're beyond delighted to offer you the world's highest value in affordable hifi. For such a price, a high-mass, precision-built direct-drive turntable equipped with a MicroLine stylus-cartridge and record-cleaning kit - well, it's simply unheard-of. Order today - we'll mount & align the VM540ML (we'll keep the stock AT95E cartridge) and toss in the ultra-effective GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit (List: $34.95) - ON THE HOUSE!

The LP120USB's Built-In Phono Preamp - This Turntable Works With Everything

The AT-LP120-USB is the closest turntable on the market to 'universal.' With its high-quality, low-noise & switchable phono preamp, included digital & analog cables & adapters as well as recording software, you'll be set to listen to MicroLine-transcribed goodness through your 2-channel hifi system, powered speakers or headphone amp, and/or to be archiving your cherished LPs to digital media. Furthermore, bear in mind the Audio-Technica's "VM" series styli are physically interchangeable, so you can spend as much or as little as you want on your next stylus, from conical on up to special line-contact. Last, for phono-cartridge enthusiasts, remember that the user-replaceable HS1 headshell allows for seamless transition from one cartridge to another. For example, our clients enjoy having an audiophile-type cartridge for their new LPs, and a more rugged, budget-friendly one for older records (and even 78s!). Just remember to adjust your tracking-force and anti-skate settings when you switch!

The VM540ML Takes the Baton for the Classic AT440ML

The VM540ML MicroLine® stylus cartridge is the premier 500 Series model in Audio-Technica’s new VM cartridge line – a line that harks back to A-T’s early days as a manufacturer primarily of high-end phono cartridges, while also incorporating today’s advanced technology. Like all VM cartridges, the VM540ML is equipped with dual magnets that are positioned to match the left and right channels in the stereo record groove for outstanding channel separation and extended frequency response. The cartridge’s MicroLine® stylus allows it to trace the record groove with incredible accuracy, resulting in nuanced audio reproduction that elliptical and conical styli simply can’t match. The stylus’s multilevel shape also wears better than other styli, while reducing the wear on your records. Includes mounting hardware.

Audio-Technica VM Technology - Closer to the Cutterhead

A cutter head carves out the record grooves. The modulations in the groove are “analog” mechanical equivalents of the original audio signals. To “read” these modulations, Audio-Technica developed the patented Dual Magnet design which duplicates the structure of the cutter head. Instead of using a single, large magnet, the two magnets are arranged in the shape of a V. The two magnets are positioned precisely to match positions of the left and right channels in the stereo groove walls. Consequently, the VM design provides outstanding channel separation, extended frequency response and superb tracking. All models feature high-purity 6N-OFC (99.9999% pure oxygen free copper) wiring for maximum sonic purity and extraordinary resolution of fine musical detail.

AT-LP120-USB Turnable - Unmatched $-for-$ Value

This professional stereo turntable features a high-torque direct-drive motor for quick start-ups and a USB output that connects directly to your computer. Other features include: forward and reverse play capability; cast aluminum platter with slip mat and a start/stop button; three speeds 33/45/78; selectable high-accuracy quartz-controlled pitch lock and pitch change slider control with +/-10% or +/-20% adjustment ranges; and removable hinged dust cover. A selectable internal stereo phono pre-amplifier allows the turntable to plug directly to components with no dedicated turntable input. A USB cable and adapter cables are included along with Mac- and PC-compatible Audacity software to digitize your LPs.

More Than Just a Perk - GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit

The GrooveWasher G2 Fluid is the result of years of research and testing. The selection of ingredients was guided by the formulations of the D series fluids of the 1970s. G2 Fluid is designed for maximum cleaning effectiveness of the delicate vinyl surface and microgroove. Evaporates quickly with no rinsing required. Anti-static action on contact. Just honest cleaning to release the honest sound of the recording. A two ounce spray bottle has more than 300 fine mist sprays. With the 4 oz refill bottle this kit provides 900+ fine mist sprays. Enough to clean both sides of more than 100 records! (YMMV) 8 ounce refill bottles are available for separate purchase. Some vinyl record cleaning fluids on the market today are plain distilled water. Or worse, have a high level of alcohol which is an ineffective cleaner and can harm vinyl records. Some so-called record cleaning fluids leave a layer in the microgroove that reduces sound fidelity.

Audio-Technica VM540ML Phono Cartridge

  • VM dual magnet cartridge with MicroLine® stylus
  • Aluminum cantilever
  • Center shield plate between the left and right channels reduces crosstalk
  • Durable low-resonance polymer cartridge housing
  • Technical:
  • Frequency Response: 20-27,000 Hz
  • Channel Separation: 28 dB (1 kHz)
  • Vertical Tracking Force: 1.8-2.2 g (2.0 g standard)
  • Stylus Construction: Nude square shank
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 47,000 ohms
  • Output: 4.0 mV (at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec)
  • Channel Balance: 1.0 dB (1 kHz)
  • Stylus Shape: 2.2 x 0.12 mil MicroLine®
  • Cantilever: Aluminum tapered pipe
  • Mount: Half-inch
  • Replacement Stylus: VMN40ML
  • Coil Impedance: 2,700 ohms (1 kHz)
  • DC Resistance: 800 ohms
  • Load Capacitance: 100-200 pF
  • Coil Inductance: 460 mH (1 kHz)
  • Static Compliance: 40 x 10-6 cm/dyne
  • Dynamic Compliance: 10 x 10-6 cm/dyne (100 Hz)
  • Vertical Tracking Angle: 23°
  • Dimensions: 17.3 mm (0.7") H x 17.0 mm (0.7") W x 28.2 mm (1.1") D
  • Weight: 6.4 g (0.2 oz)
  • Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB Turntable

  • USB output connects directly to your computer for plug-&-play use
  • Mac- and PC-compatible Audacity software digitizes your LPs
  • High-torque, direct-drive motor
  • Selectable 33, 45, and 78rpm speeds
  • Selectable internal stereo phono preamplifier
  • S-shaped tonearm assembly
  • Adjustable counterweight
  • Adjustable bias
  • Adjustable VTA
  • Dampened cueing lever
  • Tonearm rest with locking mechanism
  • Selectable quartz-controlled pitch lock
  • Selectable +/-10% or +/-20% pitch adjustment ranges
  • Stroboscopic platter speed indicator
  • Forward and reverse play
  • Cast-aluminum record platter with slip-mat
  • Start/stop button with remote start/stop input
  • Pop-up target light
  • 45rpm adapter
  • Receptacle for extra headshell
  • Adjustable feet for leveling
  • Removable, hinged dustcover
  • USB & adapter cables supplied
  • Technical:
  • Type: 3-speed, fully manual operation
  • Platter: die-cast aluminum
  • Motor: DC
  • Drive method: direct-drive
  • Speeds: 33,45, and 78rpm
  • Pitch variation: +/-10% or +/-20%
  • Starting torque: >1.6kgm/cm
  • Braking system: electronic brake
  • Wow and flutter: <0.2% WRMS (33rpm)
  • Signal to noise ratio: >50dB
  • Output with preamp off: 2.5mV nominal at 1kHz, 5cm/sec
  • Output with preamp on: 200mV nominal at 1kHz, 5cm/sec
  • Phono pre-amp gain: 38dB nominal, RIAA equalized
  • Pitch output: output signal to drive remote pitch indicator
  • 2.5V square wave signal
  • 675Hz +/- 1Hz for 33 and 45rpm quartz-locked speeds
  • Varies from 540Hz - 810Hz when +/- 20% pitch is selected
  • Varies from 607Hz-742Hz when +/- 10% pitch is selected
  • 1170 +/- 1Hz for 78rpm
  • Remote start/stop: 2 conductor 1/4" connector (T/S)
  • Normally-open contact closure
  • Power: 115/230V AC, 50/60Hz, 13W
  • Dimensions: 17.75"Wx 6"Hx13.88"D, 450mmWx157mmHx 352mmD
  • Net Weight: 23.4lbs (10.6kg)
  • GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning Kit

    Fluid Composition:
  • Surfactants - State of the art surfactants, designed to dissolve the oils from fingerprints and effectively clean the vinyl record's delicate surface
  • Super wetting agents - A specialty chemical combined with a blending agent that reduces the fluid's viscosity so it can penetrate to the bottom of the microgroove and spread the G2 Fluid across the record evenly
  • Emulsifiers - Agglomerates and holds oils, dirt, mildew and microdust particles in suspension until the microfiber fabric cleaning pad absorbs and pulls the contaminants from the record surface. The emulsifiers restore the record's natural shiny surface. They do not leave a film or coating
  • Purified, deionized water - Deionized water is a powerful carrier for the cleaning chemicals and eliminates static electric charges on the record's surface on contact
  • Package Contents:
  • Walnut handle: industrial strength velcro secures cleaning pad to handle
  • Replaceable, all-purpose cleaning pad
  • 2 oz bottle of G2 Fluid with mist spray applicator
  • Record label protector mask
  • GrooveWasher record cleaning literature
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    The Audio-Technica Microline Turntable is one of the best

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    I have had many turntables through the years many of them hi-end. This is one of the best.