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Audioengine HD6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

5 Reviews
"...I rate the HD6 sonics far preferable over the long haul than the hyper-detailed and bass-starved mini-monitors that were once the rage years ago, when such “lil’ screamers” were taking the world by storm. Mini-monitors are about making hard choices in tonality and dynamic output. I like and admire the direction AE has taken the HD6." - TAS

Audioengine HD6 Premium Powered Speakers

Our new flagship HD6 powered speaker system represents a major milestone for Audioengine and shows just how far we’ve come in 10 years. Featuring built-in amplifiers that really pack a punch as well as analog and digital inputs including aptX® Bluetooth® and optical, the HD6 is not just another great-sounding pair of Audioengine powered speakers, but a complete audio system. Easy to set up, simple to use, and designed for the way people listen to music today.

Versatile Connectivity

We’ve included features from some of our best-selling products making HD6 quite possibly the most versatile powered speaker available. Stream TIDAL, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube - or any streaming service or media player - wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or computer. It can also be used to connect any component with an optical output, including your TV system. You can also connect your favorite turntable or a subwoofer, so no matter how you connect and listen, HD6 has you covered.

Retro-Forward Design

The furniture-grade wood veneers and detachable magnetic grills give the HD6 a look and feel of old-school elegance that blends with any decor. Available in Satin Black for your stealth system as well as Walnut and Cherry real wood finishes at no additional cost if you want to really show them off.

Quality Sound

The HD6 is Audioengine’s latest statement on high-quality and highly-affordable audio. The all-new woofers have diecast aluminum frames allowing the lower-end to really perform. Also new are the silk dome tweeters which have been upgraded for even smoother, more extended highs, superior stereo separation, and incredible imaging. The HD6 speaker cabinets are also a new design that are thicker and more stable which reduces unwanted resonances.
  • Built-in analog class A/B monoblock power amplifiers
  • Dual audio inputs and full-range variable output
  • High-fidelity advanced Bluetooth® with aptX®, 3x the range of standard Bluetooth®, and 24-bit upsampling DAC
  • 24-bit digital optical (SPDIF) input
  • Custom 5.5” Kevlar woofers with die cast aluminum woofer baskets
  • Custom 1” silk tweeters with neodymium magnets and ferrofluid-cooled voice coils
  • Hand-built cabinets with furniture-grade finishes
  • Detachable magnetic speaker grills
  • Threaded inserts to secure speakers to stands
  • Passive crossovers with upgraded components
  • Solid aluminum remote control
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    Keep in mind you're not just getting a gorgeous, solidly built pair of excellent sounding bookshelf speakers. You're also getting a high-quality 50 watts per channel amp (75 peak), Bluetooth wireless connectivity and many wired options, and a well regarded DAC. These have replaced about five pieces of bulky and frankly unattractive pieces of audio gear. Much sleeker now!

    Aubrey D


    Without a doubt Audioengine hit it out of the park with the HD6. I have a set of A5 with the Audioengine S8 powered sub and a pair of the A2 . The HD6 has it all including tight deep bass obviating any need for a sub-woofer. Mounted on the 28" Pangea stands the music speakers disappears into the room. Amazing. They even have a built in DAC and seemlessly stream from two rooms away. Easy to set up also. So far I am only using them for digital sources but am curious to hear them playing some vinyl. So far I have not found anything they can't do. Love 'em!

    Josh D


    Shout out to my boy, Ken. Ordered these over the phone on his recommendation, and I couldn't be happier. Big sound for a bookshelf, excellent bass definition (no sub needed), and they're super dynamic. But I was even more impressed with my customer experience. Ken was friendly, honest, and truly helpful. He listened intently to the issues I was having with my old setup and found me the perfect solution. I will be calling back for all my home audio needs.

    Sounds better than the A5+


    I tried the A5+ and HD6 speakers with vinyl (Rega Planar 2 TT, Ortofon 2M black cart, Pro-ject Phono Box S). The HD6 came out on top.

    The HD6 sounded better at low listening volumes, whereas the A5+ sounded thin. At medium volumes, the HD6 continued to sound complete, whereas the A5+ showed some of its brightness (and boominess) by comparison. We found the A5+ more tiring after a while, because of that brightness and boominess.

    The HD6 starts out a bit lacking in the highs, perhaps, but we found it much more enjoyable for long-term listening. The mids on the HD6 are really great.

    Both are good speakers. Both are class AB amplifiers with power supply toroidal xformers. They're broadly similar in size, with the HD6 being a bit deeper. The A5+ has a modern look my family preferred to the HD6's 70s/80s vintage look. The HD6 also includes the B1 bluetooth receiver and DAC in the speaker, knocking about $150 off the price difference between the HD6 and the A5+.

    Mighty mice / big sound for the size; exceptional technology for the price

    by -

    My HD6 speakers (and accompanying S8 subwoofer) are paired with a Rega P6 / Ania cartridge / Aria phonostage combination in a large-ish home office.
    Brilliant sound across the spectrum of classic and modern jazz, piano, acoustic guitar, and even some dub reggae. Couldn't be happier and in no hurry to "upgrade" speakers to floor-standing option.