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Audioquest Headshell Leads

2 Reviews

Quality Headshell Leads From Audioquest

Silk-wrapped Linear-Crystal Copper Litz Conductors
  • Linear crystal OFC Litz wire
  • Silk-wrapped
  • Gold-plated terminals
  • Provides improved sound definition
  • Replaces standard or broken wires
  • 4pc sets
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    Eric H


    These took some modification to fit my Sony/Shure setup. The cartridge pins are to tight, and I had to slit the insulation so the connector would expand enough. The connectors on the tone arm side were too big, and had to be crimped down. I guess this is a very common problem, otherwise the leads are well made, and sound fine.

    D M W


    Less distortion than standard leads, but a roll off in the higher frequencies, giving some of my records a muddy sound, ( nothing that can't be corrected with an equilizer ) yet making others sound superb.