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Audioquest NRG-Y3 IEC Power Cable

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$124.95 to $254.95


Audioquest NRG-Y3 replaces NRG-X3, and out-performs previously higher models!

Deliver Cleaner Power to Your Stereo Components

No matter how perfect an AC power source, distortion is added within any AC cable, especially within a stranded cable. Even the most sophisticated filters and power supplies cannot eliminate this cable-induced distortion. The NRG-Y3 AC cable use Long-Grain-Copper (LGC) in a 7-strand Semi-Solid Concentric arrangement in which the strands never change position within the bundle. This technique significantly reduces strand-interaction distortion. The higher purity and fewer grains within LGC copper further reduce distortion. Also utilizes silver-plated drain wires.

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A longer cord worth waiting for.


I have used the Audioquest NRG-Y3 power cord for several source components, usually the 1 or 2 meter length, and they have done a good job. I recently bought a Stax tube amp for their headphones, and wanted to upgrade the fairly standard cord. Tried a 2m cord, but it was about one foot too short. The 3m cord was a little long, but it gave me the power and quiet I wanted. Good product at a moderate cost (for fancy cords).