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Audioquest Noise-Stopper RCA Caps

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AQ RCA Noise-Stoppers are sold in 10-packs only.

A Simple Solution to Interference in Audio

Extraneous and unwanted RF/EMI signals are abound (from cell phones, computers, microwave ovens and the like). The AQ Noise-Stopper caps are grounding plugs (not shorting plugs) that help you block out this unwanted noise by occupying all of your open inputs on the back of your components. This lowers the noise floor and allows your equipment to perform to it's fullest potential.

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I bought 4 boxes of these caps for all of the TV's I own. Any way you can improve the sound quality makes a difference. These caps quiet the background noise so you can hear audio more clearly. I have these caps combined with audioquest HDMI and audio cables. I would recommend these to friends