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Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder Interconnects

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$3,400.00 to $6,700.00
Absolute Sound Reveiw of Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder by Neil Gader, April, 2010 "Audioquest's WBY makes a strong case for silver's sonic virtues; more importantly, it fully integrates those virtues in a rich, fast, musically compelling cable that leaves no sonic footprints. Audioquest's WBY is nothing less than a sterling effort all around" Sound & Vision Review The Wild Blue Yonder interconnect from Audioquest is not your everyday capture. Unpacking the cable from the blue velvet sack and removing the velvet covers on the plugs is a ritual itself. Although circumstances beyond our control gave us rather short testing time, we could not just plug in the cables and go on with our listening test. The beauty of these cables needs to be observed thoroughly, and connecting these cables is a ceremony. Of course, not everybody – me included – can afford these cables.Nevertheless, among cables I have heard in my system, the Wild Blue Yonder is the closest to my “dream sound” of atmosphere of the venue, details, and “vitality”. This leaves one question open: what more can the WEL Signature offer? Sound Stage Review …as I sit in my listening seat right now, AudioQuest's William E. Low Signature interconnects and speaker cables are the most complete-sounding audio cables I've heard, passing the signal with the greatest amount of musical energy intact. Get the picture?

  • Geometry: triple balanced
  • Metal: solid PSS silver
  • Dielectric: FEP air-tubes 32% larger than Sky
  • Jacket: dark blue polyester/dark blue nylon braid
  • Termination: custom machined direct-silver plated pure copper cold-welded RCA or XLR
  • Noise-dissipation system: 7 layer system
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