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Cardas Audio A8 Ear Speakers

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Cardas A8 Audiophile Ear Speakers

The Cardas A8s use a single driver, however this is a special driver that uses stronger magnets that are more controlled. Most single drivers use a “pole piece” which is placed at the end of the magnet to concentrate the magnetic flux. The pole piece is used with a coil but this forms an inductor and an electromagnet. This process leads to modulation by the signal they are trying to produce, creating a distortion called flux modulation distortion. The A8 uses contour magnets that eliminate this distortion which leads to a very linear response.

The Sonics...

"In a word, fantastic. First, some background…I started my first real system out with Cardas Golden Reference cables. I loved them. They had a gorgeous midrange sound. Very musical, maybe a touch on the warm side. But there eventually came on the market some cables which did even better at the highs and bass as technology evolved and recently Cardas introduce the world-class (in my opinion), Cardas Clear cables. The systems I have heard wired with Clear are incredible. The older midrange warmth and musicality remains but there is a nice neutral sound top to bottom. I mention all of this as I find the A8s to have this same sonic signature. If I have a track with sub-par sonics I hear all of the weaknesses on the A8s. If there is a reference track like say Nils Lofgren’s Black Books then I hear the performance in all of its glory. Mind you, the A8s are not analytical per se. They are just neutral. That makes me happy. I would argue that is the way things should be ... Ole Blue Eyes is singing “My Blue Heaven”. These blue cabled wonders really are offering up heavenly sound with the Mojo, a great partner for the A8s. The A8s serve a up lots of detail but always musical. They are built well, but not too heavy in the ear. At $300, a bit of a steal really." - Lee Scoggins, Hifi+
  • Original George Cardas design
  • Body machined from brass with Golden Spiral curves and rubberized ABS coating
  • 10.85mm Ultra Linear, Contour Field, Dual Magnet Driver
  • All new spiral cable is extremely light, flexible, and strong
  • Standard cable (single-ended, 3.5mm TRS) can be removed at the splitter/joiner and replaced with a cable to fit the balanced outputs of your headphone amp
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