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Cardas Clear Cygnus Speaker Cable

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$840.00 to $2,960.00
$840.00 to $2,960.00

Sold standard in terminated pairs. Customs lengths & terminations are available a la carte. Please call for details.Keep it in mind...
  • Full-Range - The most common speaker binding-post configuration involving 2 connections per speaker. The (+) binding-post takes the (+) spade/banana carrying the highs, the (-) post takes the (-) spade/banana carrying the mids/lows.
  • Internal Bi-Wire - An alternative speaker binding-post configuration involving 4 connections per speaker. The 2 (+) binding-posts take the 2 (+) spades/bananas carrying the highs, the 2 (-) posts take spades/bananas carrying the mids/lows.
  • A Brief History on Cardas

    Since 1987, Cardas Audio has manufactured premium audio cables and component parts. George Cardas founded the company to perfect audio cables using ultra-pure materials, innovative 'Golden Ratio' resonance-control techniques, as well as uniquely insightful solutions to line-transmission problems. The legendary connections and craftsmanship at Cardas reflect George's pursuit of perfection. Located in Bandon, Oregon, Cardas Audio remains a family business with George in product-design, and his youngest daughter, Angela, managing the day-to-day at Cardas HQ.

    Cardas Audio Clear Cygnus Speaker Cable

    It wasn't easy to improve upon Clear Light without giving up its incredible value, but we did it! Clear Cygnus speaker cable is more revealing, more holographic, and more refined. Match-Propagation conductors help to provide a very open and dynamic sound. In addition, bi-wiring is not an option wit Clear Cygnus.
    Features & Technical:
  • Standard terminations: Cardas spades or bananas forged under 10k PSI
  • Braided, Matched-Propagation Kevlar core
  • Grade 1, 99.9999% pure OFHC copper with SPN clear coat (Litz)
  • Gauge sizes scaled to Golden Ratio proportions
  • Cross-field layer geometry, insulated in double-layered PTFE tape and electro-dissipitave dielectric
  • Concentrically braided 4-conductor geometry surrounded by anti-static, fibrillated polypropylene fibers
  • Out side jacket is soft and flexible TPE rubber
  • Gauge: 4 x 15 AWG
  • Outside diameter: 0.695” / 17.67mm
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