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Cardas Custom Tonearm Leads

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Cardas High Quality Tonearm Wire Individual Colors

Please select the color of the lead in the menu, then enter the length (in feet) in the white quantity field below.
  • Premium Cardas copper
  • Urethane enameled conductors
  • Perfect for rewiring tone arms
  • 33 AWG wires
  • Teflon insulated
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    I rewired the tone arm on my Dual 622 with this wire and it did make a difference. The old tone arm wires were one strand about the size of a human hair, with thick PVC insulation. Deep, hard-hitting bass notes sounded distorted and unpleasant. Not anymore with the Cardas wire! Now the bass is as deep and clear as can be. I tried the twisted Cardas tone arm cable, but it wasn't flexible enough and caused problems. I got much better results with individual wires. My turntable is automatic, so I can't leave a loop of wire hanging under the tone arm pivot or it will get caught in the linkage.