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Cardas Iridium Power Cable

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$210.00 to $480.00

Custom lengths and terminations are available a la carte. Please call for details.

A Brief History on Cardas

Since 1987, Cardas Audio has manufactured premium audio cables and component parts. George Cardas founded the company to perfect audio cables using ultra-pure materials, innovative 'Golden Ratio' resonance-control techniques, as well as uniquely insightful solutions to line-transmission problems. The legendary connections and craftsmanship at Cardas reflect George's pursuit of perfection. Located in Bandon, Oregon, Cardas Audio remains a family business with George in product-design, and his youngest daughter, Angela, managing the day-to-day at Cardas HQ.

Cardas Audio Iridium IEC Power Cable

Joining the Iridium interconnects, speaker & phono cable, Iridium Power brings high-performance power delivery to the affordable end of our product line. Shielded with two Cardas 11.5 AWG Crossfield Conductors, PFA tape tape dielectric, and a toroidal filter. Iridium Power shares the design features of our higher-end power cables. It's light, flexible, and comes terminated with our own Cardas 3455R power connectors. It has enough capacity to be used with almost any piece of electronics, from sensitive digital sources to power amps.
Features & Technical:
  • Standard terminations: soldered and crimped Cardas power plugs with silver/rhodium-plated, solid-copper contacts
  • Terminated by hand in Bandon, Oregon
  • Grade 1, 99.9999% pure OFHC copper with SPN clear-coat (Litz)
  • Gauge sizes scaled to 'Golden Ratio' proportions
  • Cross-field layer geometry
  • Insulated in a PFA jacket
  • Double-shielded geometry using aluminum/mylar and tinned-copper
  • Twisted pair with natural cotton filler bound with PTFE tap-wrap
  • Finished in an ultra-soft and flexible Alcryn rubber jacket
  • Gauge: 2 x 11.5 AWG
  • Outside diameter: 0.490” / 10.1mm
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    Good cable


    This is a great power cable, very well made and it brought a noticeable improvement to my system. I used it to upgrade the stock cord on my Rogue Sphinx v2 and right away I noticed that the noise floor got quieter and I got a little more detail in the mid-range and a better bass extension. I was also impressed by how well mage it is. The connector are super heavy duty here.