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Channel Islands AC-15 PSU Upgrade for PEQ-1MKII Preamp

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Channel Islands PEQ-1 MKII Phonostage

The PEQ-1 is a versatile design offering outstanding performance with a wide variety of phono cartridge types. This new dual-mono design is aimed at music lovers seeking the utmost life-like performance from their vinyl collection. Dynamic and detailed, yet smooth and rich, with soundstage and imaging to create realism rarely heard. Also enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive 5 year warranty. Full service information is included in the product manual.

Standard & Upgraded AC-15 Power Supplies Available

The internal design of PEQ-1 starts with a dual AC input (one for each channel). When the outboard power supply is connected, the AC is fed to two independent filter/regulation circuits (1 per channel). These circuits feed the L & R audio stages with ultra-low noise on par with the best battery technologies, and without the inconvenience. There is also a Chassis Ground switch to optimize chassis shielding. The standard AC supply is an AC wall adapter type with a single winding feeding the L&R circuits. This supply is 120V input only. Countries with 220~240V mains must use the AC-15 MKII Upgrade Supply.

Audiophile Circuitry

Input signals are connected via highest quality Cardas™ panel-mounted RCA jacks. The input jacks are routed to two independent mono circuits of identical layout. This assures exact performance from both channels and reduces crosstalk. Circuit topology consists of an input gain stage with selectable resistive load, capacitance, gain, and subsonic filter. This gain stage is followed by a passive high frequency cut, then an active bass boost to create the RIAA equalization curve, then to the output jacks. Careful layout yields a very short signal path from input to output, and a combination of star grounding power supply components/ground plane for the audio circuits, result in a silent background and immunity to EMI/RFI pickup. The entire circuit board is then housed in a heavy steel faraday cage to further reject outside interference, then inside the attractive aluminum outer chassis.
  • Large Toroidal Transformer with dual outputs (1 per channel)
  • AC Line Filtering
  • Dual common-mode choke filtering (1 per channel)
  • 120V/240V Selectable Input Voltage
  • Rear Panel Power Switch
  • Detachable AC Input & Output cables
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 6"
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