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Chord Mojo Portable Hifi Headphone Amp & DAC

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Al A.


I think I bought the first Chord Mojo from the Needle Doctor. I stopped in to grab some little thing and happened to ask if they had one. They had just gotten one in and I tried it out and bought it on the spot. I'm actually listening to it as I type this. It has the most amazingly clean sound of any DAC I have experienced. Effortless performance with more detail and clarity than I could have expected. It is very small, offers a variety of ways to connect and has been trouble free for it's first month. I normally use it with my desktop computer. I also use it with a Samsung Galaxy S4, a Fiio X5 and X3 DAP, and occasionally with a laptop. It is an easy to love device, not cheap but well worth the cost. Previous devices: Dragonfly 1 and 1.2, Geekout 450, Cambridge DACmagic, Peachtree Audio DAC IT.