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Clearaudio Master Innovation Wood Turntable

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The Master of Innovation

The lowest platter (the lower of two drive platters) is belt-driven by a low-noise, high-torque DC motor controlled by Clearaudio’s Optical Speed Control (OSC) technology, which is a microscopic reflective strobe and infrared sensor that ensures incredible speed accuracy.

The dynamically balanced main platter, a precision-machined sandwich of 70mm of high density polymer and 15mm of stainless steel, is connected to the upper drive platter by Clearaudio’s patented Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB), so that the main platter and upper drive platter assembly floats on a magnetic field just above the lower drive platter with no point of load to wear or to generate friction and noise.

The two drive platters contain a magnetic clutch so that the upper drive platter and the main platter are driven with no physical connection to the drive source. In addition to providing silent and frictionless drive, this system gives the Master Innovation Wood twice the flywheel mass of the renowned Clearaudio Innovation Wood turntable.The combination of the no-contact magnetic drive, frictionless Ceramic Magnetic Bearing, and Optical Speed Control guarantee incredible pitch stability and freedom from noise, ultimately leading to unbelievably realistic musical reproduction.

The chassis features four layers of a complex sandwich of resonance-damping materials: aluminum and Panzerholz (bulletproof wood). The Master Innovation can accommodate up to three tonearms, allowing for complete flexibility of tonearm and phono cartridge. In keeping with Clearaudio’s commitment to long-term customer satisfaction, Innovation Wood owners are able to upgrade to the Master Innovation Wood.
  • Magnetic drive system from the Clearaudio Statement turntable with additional 15mm stainless steel sub-platter 70mm thick POM main platter and 15mm stainless steel sub-platter
  • Upper platter uses 85mm Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB)
  • Decoupled 3 speed DC motor with Optical Speed Control (OSC)
  • Pushbutton electronic speed selection
  • 4 Tri-star plinths featuring solid Panzerholz and aluminum sandwich construction
  • 3 tonearm capability
  • Field upgrade path from Innovation Wood
  • Technical:
  • Construction details: Resonance-optimized chassis shape, belt-driven with self-adjusting speed control, precision CNC-machined surface, solid stainless steel sub-platter, dynamically balanced. 70mm/2.75in POM main platter
  • Speed ranges: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, convenient electronic controls
  • Motor: High-torque DC motor
  • Bearing: CMB (Ceramic Magnetic Bearing)
  • Platter: CNC-machined POM (polyoxymethylene), 70 mm thickness
  • Sub-platter: Solid CNC-machined stainless steel
  • Speed accuracy: less than +- 0.05 %
  • Weight: 51 lbs without tonearm and power supply
  • Dimensions: 18.86" x 19.09" x 8.86"
  • OSC (optical speed control) in real time via infrared sensor, playback with two tonearms possible
  • Warranty: 5 years
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