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Clearaudio Universal Tonearm

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$5,500.00 to $6,700.00

Universal: Lightweight Stability

The Universal is Clearaudio's finest pivoted tonearm. Its vertical and horizontal ball bearing assembly is precision manufactured to ultra high tolerances and the whole unit is carefully hand-assembled. The Universal features a carbon fiber arm tube whose sophisticated multi-tiered construction reduces resonances to a vanishing degree. Its machined aluminum headshell allows for accurate azimuth adjustment, while fine adjustments for anti-skate and VTF are accomplished with precision controls. The Universal also comes with multiple easily interchangeable counter weights, allowing it to work with nearly any cartridge manufactured today. Its internal wiring is Clearaudio's best Six Stream cable, as found on their Statement tonearm, assuring absolute signal integrity and the best performance with even the lowest output MC cartridges. The Universal uses the Clearaudio/Linn standard mount, making it compatible with all Clearaudio turntables and an ideal replacement tonearm for other brand turntables. It is available in 9 inch and 12 inch versions.

*Note: VTA base requires a VTA armboard, not Universal style.
  • Tonearm weight: 775 g
  • Zero points: Inner : 66.04 mm Outer: 120.9 mm
  • Audio lead: Clearaudio Sixstream
  • Overhang: 11 mm (12 inch arm) 17.30 mm (9 inch arm)
  • Overall Tonearm length: 430 mm (12 inch arm) 320.7 mm (9 inch arm)
  • Effective Tonearm length: 324.5 mm (12 inch arm) 239.3 mm (9 inch arm)
  • Pivot to Stylus: 313.5 mm (12 inch arm) 222 mm (9 inch arm)
  • Anti-skating factor at a radius of 83.9 mm and 133.0 mm: 0.49
  • Mounting style: Linn / Clearaudio
  • Warranty: 3 years
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