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Croft Phono Integrated Amplifier

2 Reviews

Special order item. Ships in 2 - 3 days.

If I were a designer or a builder, this is how I would do the thing. If I were buying in this price range, this is the one I would choose. Strongly Recommended. - Stereophile

Rich, Natural Sound

Croft's Phono Integrated is a marvel and a hand-built jewel; a testament to a craftsmanship and a passionate love of music. This multi-award winning one-box solution delivers a stunning musical performance for the money and has received the industry's highest accommodations. The Croft Phono Integrated is a 7 Series amplifier with a Micro 25 phono stage. It offers three line level inputs and one MM phono input. Like all Croft good imaging and detail without a hint of grain, a great choice for simple one-box affordable systems.
  • Phonostage tubes: 2 x ECC83 (12AX7)
  • Output stage tubes: 1 x ECC83 (12AX7)
  • Frequency response: 0.15 Hz - 150kHz -1 dB
  • Line sensitivity: 250mV
  • Phono sensitivity: 1.3mV
  • Input impedance: 470 kΩ
  • Power output: 45 W rms @ 8Ω 50 W rms @ 4Ω
  • Power consumption: 20 W idle 240 W max
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    Killer amp for the money


    This amplifier is far and away the best I've had in my listening room. It's a hard piece to describe. The sound it provides is immediate, clean, and charming. Imaging is a real strength, especially depth. I can highly recommend this amp to anyone looking for something less bright sounding than a lot of its competitors. Bonus - the built in phono section leaves nothing to be desired. I've had Rega and Ortofon MM cartridges running through it with great success.

    The Croft tells the story straight up


    See full review at https://catchgroove.com/2019/01/16/croft-acoustics-phono-integrated-integrated-amplifier/

    The overall sound is clear, lifelike and “tube warm.” The phono stage is outstanding, but it handles digital inputs just fine. I listen to pretty much every genre, with exception of Classical and EDM. The Croft sounds great with everything I listen to. It has a nice stereo sound stage. Everything is even keeled – not too much bass and not too bright – it is just right. I seek a non-biased reproduction from a stereo and not an opinion. The Croft tells the story straight up (the audio equivalent of neat if you are a whiskey drinker).