DB Systems Protractor

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Here's one of the only phono cartridge alignment tools that:
  • Does an accurate, repeatable job every time
  • Is remarkably simple to learn and use
  • Will last forever. Designed for standard, pivoting tonearms (as opposed to linear trackers) the DB Protractor (as we fondly refer to it) uses the tried and true dual alignment points that minimize tracking distortion over the arc of tonearm travel across the LP. The precisely printed alignment grid allows for easy comparison with various angles of the cartridge body, and the two stylus placement dots make the task of pin-point accuracy a simple one. Get the most out of your cartridge: In mounting a cartridge in a tone arm, often the manufacturer's instructions are incomplete or even misleading. Once the setup is done, a person has no way to check the final result for correctness. The DBP-10 accurately measures the lateral tracking error of a mounted cartridge to within one quarter of one degree. Includes easy to read and use instructions. Comes complete with durable carrying case. The DB Systems Protractor comes with complete instructions as well as a sturdy leather carrying case to protect it.
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    Chris B.


    Over the years, I've aligned my cartridge using different methods that left me dissatisfied, with poor sound quality, especially nearer the center of the records. This tool was easy enough to use, with methodical, iterative steps. Results: the best sound ever from my trusty Thorens. Highly recommended.

    George Pettas


    For me easy and pleasure to use and surpasses all cartridge alignment tools i have used in the past (sonic result is the feeling of have it done right)