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Denon DP-300F Turntable / Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge / Audioengine 5+ Speakers

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A Turntable Package for the Discerning Listener on a Budget

Needle Doctor offers one-stop shopping for high-quality, budget-friendly turntable, speaker, headphone, & preamp packages. We've carefully curated these offerings so that you don't have to; they're tried and true, plug & play solutions for every class of audio-enthusiast.

Denon DP-300F Automatic Turntable w/ Built-In Phono Pre

This workhorse is one of one of the best-sounding, most durable automatic 'tables that we've ever carried. It's high-performance automatic arm, low-noise belt-drive motor, precision-machined diecast aluminum platter and built-in phono preamp combine to yield sonic reproduction that leaves little to be desired - especially in light of the features, and of course, the out-the-door price.

Audioengine 5+ Powered Bookshelf Speakers

In unison with the DP-300F's built-in phonostage, the 5+ powered speakers are ready to sing. You'll be plenty impressed with the sound that these little bad-boys kick out, and what's more, they're equipped to accommodate any line-level source.

Ortofon 2M Blue Moving Magnet Cartridge w/ Nude Elliptical Diamond

Oh, and to boot, let's not forget the pre-mounted 2M Blue, which Stereophile has been recommending for the past decade or so. It's a readily noticeable refinement on the already-reputable sound of the Ortofon's pop-hit, the 2M Red. The Blue pulls more detail from record groove and handles said detail with a better sense for the spatial aspects of a given recording; a more accurate transcription of soundstage depth & width.

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