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A favorite among collectors for many years. Use the brush dry or wet with the included 1.25 oz. fluid. The more active, yet safe, D4+ fluid is actually able to lift and suspend contaminants in solution on the record surface so the D4 pad can easily and efficiently remove debris.

The D4+ Record Care System is the result of intensive scientific research on safe record cleaning. The D4+ System is a cleaning system unlike other products, which reduce record dynamics and fidelity. The more active, yet safe, D4+ fluid is actually able to lift and suspend contaminants in solution on the record surface so the D4 pad can easily and efficiently remove debris. Containing less residue than tap water, D4+ fluid will clean without depositing new residues on the record surface; it will not encourage any biological growth as do "constantly damp" cleaning methods.

For longer life, Discwasher recommends that records be lightly cleaned each time before playing. New records should also be cleaned before their first play. Although presumed clean, many new recordings still have mold release compounds in their grooves, thus requiring cleaning.

Hand Crafted

The handle of the Discwasher D4+ Record Care System has been hand crafted and finished from solid American walnut, creating elegance for an already superior cleaner.

Instructions for Routine Pre-Play Cleaning

Application: Apply 3-6 drops of the D4+ fluid in a line on the leading edge of the pad (the arrow on the end of the handle points to the leading edge). Distribute the fluid along the leading edge of the pad using several deliberate strokes with the bottom of the D4 bottle, causing the pad to form a strip of damp fabric.

Position: Position the disc washer handle/pad with the arrow end on the outside edge of the record. Gently contact the record with the damp leading edge of the pad. The turntable motor may be assisted by gently turning the record with you finger on the label.

Clean/Dry: Allow the damp leading edge to contact the record for about three revolutions. Dry the record with a simple rolling movement of the handle, allowing for the middle and back edge to contact the album for several revolutions, assuring thorough drying.

Clean Pad: Clean the pad using the DC-1tm Pad cleaner. Lightly brush the damp pad in the direction of the arrow on the Discwasher handle. A dry Discwasher pad may be lightly brushed lengthwise.

Do not use the D4 Kit as a stylus cleaner
  • Microfiber pad, brush, and D4+ cleaning fluid (1-1/4 oz.)
  • Fluid and brush store inside handle of pad
  • Extra fluid is also available
  • Discwasher D4+ fluid
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    13 reviews

    Jamie Woolwine


    My parents got me a Discwasher system for Christmas at 17 year old. I collect vinyl and sell vinyl. I have over 5000 right now. I use it the way it was meant to be used. I still have to buy solution for it(from D3 to D4)., I am now 54 years old and I still use the same system ( no replacement or new pieces) . I am now 54 and use the same one my parents bought me at 17 . You use the math. I love mine and use it everyday if not every other day. As long as you use it as the instructions suggest, you will own yours as long or longer.

    Peter P Wilson


    Most surprised at the low grading given to this obviously re engineered product. I too, have been using this for many, many years in one guise or another. Here's how to make it work:- Use the arrow on the side to indicate the 'leading edge' of the device Apply the leading edge of the pad to the rotating LP. Since it is a curved surface, the D4 is effectively a tangential point of contact. As the LP revolves under the brush, YES, the dust will accumulate as a line along the brush in contact with the LP. NOW:- slowly rotate the brush about it own longitudinal axis, and all that dust will transfer OFF the LP, and onto the brush. YES , it's better wet, but is OK dry. I have no issues with this device at all, and will be giving a bunch of them away at a vinyl fair in October



    These are the only kits I've ever used and it does appear that the old and new are a bit different. Mainly the cloth but still works. If you are cleaning of records that are pretty well maintained, the product is acceptable.

    80's Live here


    Been using a Discwasher since 1981 because it works so well. Yes it requires a bit of skill to use correctly but my records are all in excellent condition. A few tips, never touch the brush, always use wet, remove the brush by working it off outwards and always clean the brush after each use.. Once done Zerostat and your done; no pops ever. I have one for each turntable.

    Les T.


    I was glad to find a place that still offers this cleaner i still have lots of albums and love spinning them again..



    I have used my Diskwasher for more than three decades and it continues to keep my vinyl collection in pristine shape. I would advise a previous reviewer to twist the Diskwasher gently and drag the debries to the outside of the record and it won’t leave, “a nice straight line for you to have to clean off when your done.” Put simply, it is a product that does everything it says it will do.

    Mark Raymond


    Like many, I've used this for many years. It is good for a quick dusting off if used with solution. It is not thorough enough for deep cleaning.



    Like many of the reviewers, I have used the Discwasher for over 30 years. There have been some changes. The bristles are softer, The fluid has a stronger alcohol odor, and the fluid dosen't spread as evenly over the brush the as it use to.



    Works well.



    Same great product, almost unchanged for thirty years. One very minor complaint. The new handle is solid; not scooped out to hold a small bottle of fluid, or in my case to fit the storage case of the old Discwasher/Zerostat cleaning kit.

    Slammin Sammy


    I have also been using this product for decades - actually about as long as Graham above! (Gee that makes me feel old...) I have an original brush (they haven't cheged much, except the timber was nicer then.) I agree they are the best product short of the really expensive washing machines.



    I have been using this since approx 1979. It works very well indeed. If you get a line of dust left as in previous review then you have not followed the instructions



    Excellent product on the market for over 25 years. One of best LP vinyl clean.