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Disc Doctor has been using this solution for almost 20 years and selling it to customers upon request for the last 6 years. It does not leave residue on the stylus or cantilever. Stereophile Review of Disc Doctor Stylus Cleaner "Goldman, a chemist, claims that his stylus cleaner, a mixture of micron-filtered water and separately micron-filtered +99.5% 1-propanol alcohol, leaves no residue on the stylus or cantilever. He's not comfortable with those that do, whether accidentally as a result of impurities, or deliberately, like SPT...In an A/B listening comparison of the fluids, I was surprised to hear, after listening to a passage with the SPT-cleaned stylus and repeating with Disc Doctor fluid, a slight bit more sparkle and extension using the latter... Given the price difference, I don't see how you can go wrong with the Disc Doctor fluid..." Stereophile Recommended Component, October 2001

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I have been using the Disc Doctor stylus cleaner for over 10 years. It gets the stylus clean and more importantly does not degrade or damage the stylus & cartridge. An effective and safe product! Highly recommended.



This stuff actually made an audible improvement on my Shelter 501MKII stylus after cleaning. I now use It regularly and recommend It to all my audiophile buddies.



I don't have a lot of experience with stylus cleaners, but I know that I preferred this to another well-known wet stylus cleaner. I just use it once in awhile.