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Dynavector 20X2 Phono Cartridge

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For more than 35 years Dynavector have established an enviable reputation for producing affordable high quality moving coil cartridges. Notably high output models that are designed to work with MM inputs negating the necessity for equipment change or the use of setup devices required for low output cartridges. The outstanding performance of the Dynavector high output moving coil cartridges can be attributed to the exclusively Dynavector designed coil winding machine capable of utilizing extremely fine coil wire providing a high output to mass ratio.

DV-20X has a solid aluminum alloy body and a rigid magnet construction similar to XX-2MKII. The cantilever is a 6mm length of hard aluminum pipe with a Micro-Ridge stylus. The magnetic flux damping and softened magnetism along with powerful neodymium magnets gives the 20X2H a healthy 2.8 mV output - suitable for most MM inputs. The 20X2L has an output of 0.3 mV ideal for most MC phono stages.

Both high and low versions of their 20X2 are available ensure for the optimum end result. The high output model is well suited to valve preamplifiers or electronics that only offer MM inputs whilst the low output version offers superb performance when combined with dedicated moving coil inputs.

Tech Radar Review

This is a powerful, precise, revealing and open cartridge that warrants hi-res ancillaries, but will work a treat in any respectable turntable. In other words, the search for a Dynavector that we don't like will have to go on!

6 Moons Review

Dynavector already had an acclaimed winner in the entry-level 10X5 (no entry-level performance there!) and I can happily report that the 20X-2 is now part of that same exalted league, adding a lot of refinement, openness and resolution whilst remaining somewhat affordable. If that does not warrant a Blue Moon nothing will.
  • Type : High/Low output MC cartridge with Flux damper and Softened magnetism
  • Output voltage : 2.8mV / 0.3mV (at 1KHz, 5cm/sec.)
  • Frequency response : 20 - 20,000Hz (±2dB)
  • Channel Separation : 25 dB (at 1KHz)
  • Channel balance : 1.0 dB (at 1KHz)
  • Compliance : 12 x 10-6 cm/dyne
  • Impedance : R=150 ohms / 5 ohms
  • Stylus tip : Micro Ridge Nude diamond
  • Cantilever : 6mm length hard aluminum pipe
  • Tracking force : 1.8 - 2.2 grams
  • Recommended load impedance: >1000 ohms / >30 ohms
  • Weight : 9.2grams
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    George C


    Superb performer-sounds great out of box; but improves over time at around 100 hrs . Excellent match for my GyroSe w/ Technoarm 2. Great detail resolution w/ organic neutral presentation. Highly recommended!



    Extraordinary! I have the H version on my Rega RP6. I prefer HOMCs, and have previously had a Denon and an Ortofon. the 20X2H is a Substantial improvement. Better definition, much better sense of space (lateral and front to back), The most lifelike decay on notes I have ever heard. Transients and bass are also more lifelike and palpable. Interestingly, it is also quieter on needle drops and between songs. Best way to summarize - it markedly improved my emotional connection and response to the music I listen to.



    One of the great "values" in high-end audio. I have mine mated with the Dynavector P75 MkIII using the phono enhancer mode specifically designed for the 20x2. After break-in (about 30 hrs.) it's neutral, detailed, dynamic and it's got that pace/rhythm/timing boogie factor that's hard to find. Easy 5 star recommendation with the P75III.



    What a great cartridge! This replaces a Clearaudio Aurum Beta in my system, and this is an improvement in all areas. Better tracking, less background noise, a more lively sound, and much more midrange clarity. I auditioned this side-by-side with the Shelter 501 Mk. III, and while the Shelter was more resolving and gave more depth, I found the Dynavector gave a more coherent musical picture and caused me to listen to the music rather than the sound. This cartridge is definitely sensitive to setup - particularly azimuth. Luckily, it's a great match for my Well Tempered Versalex, which makes azimuth adjustment dead simple.

    Peter P Wilson


    Second bite of the cherry here: Now mounted in my RP10, 60 dB gain, 100 ohm input Z. I have run my front end though a quarter million dollar analogue system, and this cartridge can cut the mustard easily. I prefer it to som other carts I've heard in the $2500---3000 range. The RP10 improves the timbral qualities of all instruments, and the 20X2L is just superb

    Eddie M.


    My 20x2L sounds awesome ,super quiet sounds better as it breaks in.My first MC .Very happy with this purchase no buyers's remorse.I listen to classic rock .



    After Onzow accident that bent cantilever, I switch DV20X2 L. If alignment is correct within level of 0.05mm (printer dot level), this catridge does not need burn-in. Amazing open sound stage & detail in the initial run.

    P P Wilson


    Have reviewed DL103PRO, Sumiko Pearl here, too. Elegant, complex performance, and the ability to sound quite real on acoustic work. Clearly a cut above my other two work horse cartridges, but adding to the music with a subtle sophistication that has nothing to do with frequency response or sound stage projection. Never edgy and never boring. NOTE: calibration temp for mine was at 23 degrees C ( 78 F). This cartridge likes it warm. Linn bearing, sub platter, and Linn motor in off board housing, custom plinth .Perreaux phono stage at 1K input impedance controlled the bass more than the 100 Ohm setting, minimum capacitance, 70dB gain and through both Vdh and Canare tonearm cables. Jelco 750DB with damping fluid, so quite high effective mass works well.

    Atane Ofiaja


    Nice, neutral sounding cart. It sounded great immediately, but it gets better. It requires some time for it to really shine. Give it at least 60-80 hours.



    Excels on the highs. Cymbals sound absolutely realistic. You have to hear to believe.



    A large upgrade for my system, and surpasses my expectations. Exceptional balance, handles dense, complex passages with ease. Always smooth and very musical. I can't image a better coupling than with my Rega RP6 Turntable. It's really hard to break away from listening.



    Significant improvement over my Rega Exact 2. Clean base, exceptional clarity, wider soundstage. This is the low model



    H model sounds pristine. Can find no faults with it. Not as lush as my Eroica, but better overall balance and detail. Immense soundstage.

    Jim S.


    Reviewing H model. A solid performer. Totally neutral to my ears. Bass solid and tight. Balanced highs. Nothing to fault with this baby. Enjoy!



    nice sounding cart, rock solid construction,retrieves a lot of musical information, highly musical,detailed sound.Maybe a little to the bright side but still very pleasing sound.

    Good but not the best value for money.


    My cards I own are grado red, shure M97, AT95, Clear audio Concept V2, Denon DL103, Goldring 1042, DV20X2 and vintage ortofon VMS30mk2

    I use the DV20x2 on a thorens TD124 with RB300 arm and van de Hull tone arm wiring.
    I think the DV20X2 sounds nice better than the DL103 due the better stylus of the DV. The DV20X2 reduces sharpnes in the high region.
    But I do not hear the amazing quality improvements of what I read in the reviews. I would not advise to buy this DV for this price I think you can buy better for les money.

    I prefer personal the goldring 1042 over the DV20x2 low. Because the goldring is so undistorted tight sounding uncoloured. So to me the reviews for the DV sound a bit overrated. But it is a nice cartridge still you do not go wrong buying it.

    And my personal favorite is the ortofon VMS30mk2 due the naturalistic tone and the bass seem to not suffer any cut off at the low end just very pleasing relaxed sound .

    My first MC and it is a winner!


    I tried the Ortofon Bronze and Black and found them both to sound really good but somehow lacking in my system. I decided to take the leap to low output MC and Needledoctor recommended this one. It is better in every way on my table (Performance DC Wood with Tracer arm). It is hard to explain but it is like I could tell instantly this was a good match for my system. The sound is sublime and while the highs and lows are there, the subtleties of the music are all exposed better than the cartridges I have tried in the past (all MM). Maybe you could spend more and get better sound but listening to this it is hard to imagine a very good return on spending more.

    Lovely in my system


    I am coming from some of the top MM cartridges to my first MC. I asked the guys at Needle Doctor and they recommended the 20x2 Low. I am in love with the sound of this thing. I just feel like it is a perfect match in my system. When I am listening I feel like I have hit the audiophile jackpot. I listen to classical primarily but also jazz and some rock and roots music. The subtleties in my music are apparent so much more and it is an improvement in every way. I have it mounted on a Tracer Tonearm on a Clearaudio Performance DC Wood with McIntosh MC100 Phono Pre. I would recommend and I would buy it again.

    Superb Cartridge

    by -

    Have been running a Dynavector 10x5 for the last couple of years. Very pleased – a wonderful cartridge indeed – does everything very well – not in the least dissatisfied. Upgrade budget allowed for moving up to the next level. Just because I wanted to know I was achieving everything my budget would allow and to employ a cartridge I believe to be commensurate with the rest of my system (Cronus Magnum II Integrated Amp, Clearaudio Concept TT, Musical Surroundings Nova II Phono stage and Maggie MG 1.4 loud speakers) – NOT because I was unhappy with the 10x5.

    Right out of the box, the 20x2H is incredible. Does everything the 10x5 did, just better. Incredible bass, beautiful midrange and detailed and smooth upper frequencies. I could not be happier. Handles complicated passages with ease. Surface noise is virtually non-existent. Worth every penny. As always, many thanks to Brian for intelligent and well placed advise.