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Dynavector P75 mkIV Phono Preamp

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New From the Far East

We've long awaited the release of Dynavector's P75 mkIV - the latest iteration of tried and true phonostage from world-class specialists out of Japan. Here's what to look forward to...New & Improved:
  • New larger size
  • Completely new appearance
  • All new glass front panel system
  • Custom made black stainless fasteners
  • Custom made DV Gold ground terminal
  • Totally new ultra ­low noise internal power supplies ­
  • Noise virtually unmeasurable - zero hum
  • Electrically isolated from AC power adaptor
  • Now has on/off switch on back panel for extra convenience
  • Power efficiency doubled
  • Improved Phono amplifier stage design
  • Even lower noise
  • "Bleeding edge" ultra precision custom components
  • Extreme RIAA accuracy, unmatched in any production amplifier
  • New high current output line driver for long interconnects
  • Outstanding noise rejection including immunity from radio station interference
  • Simplified adjustment, simplified jumper layout
  • More loading options available
  • MM capacitance loading now adjustable
  • Matches virtually any cartridge on the market regardless of type
  • Fully user adjustable
  • Improved format owner's manual and improved packaging
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    The reviews are all true. If you match the Dynavector 20x2 with the Dynavector P75 MKIII in the phono enhancer mode there is a lot of audio magic after break-in. You can buy a cartridge that sounds better than the 20x2 and you can buy a phono pre-amp that sounds better than the P75 if you have a lot of time, patience money. I just don't think it's worth. You can easily spend 3X the money on a cart/phono pre-amp and not get better sound. 4 1/2 stars on sound & 5 1/2 stars on value.