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Esoteric Sounds Rek-O-Kut CVS-14: 50th Anniversary Edition, 33/45/78 RPM Turntable

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$598.00 to $615.00

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Versatility for Any Need

Plays 14" Records AUDIOPHILE QUALITY The 50th Anniversary Edition REK-O-KUT CVS-14 is a fully manual 33/45/78 RPM turntable with a continuously variable and calibrated "78" range of from 62 to 94 rpm. The high-torque, direct-drive motor provides fast start and stop braking. A switch is provided which permits playing vertical cut records such as Edison and Pathe records. Supplied with dust cover, slip mat and our 12-speed Super Strobe for speeds from 68.5 to 90 rpm. Not supplied with phono cartridge or styli. These must be purchased separately. The CVS-14 is recommended for both audiophile and vintage records.
User Manual Esoteric Sounds Rek-O-Kut CVS-14

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mike r


the cvs 14 is the everything tt for the 78 rpm collector from the variable speeds,plays backwards,verticle/laterial switch for playing edison diamond discs if you,re collecting 78s this tt all you need

Bruce P


The CVS 14 looks like another piece of rebadged Hansin dreck (see also: Stanton, Numark, Audio Technica, etc.). This particular turntable, except for the "Edison" polarity switch, looks almost exactly like the Audio Technica AT LP120USB. It even has the cheesy plinth that plays like an electric drum when you tap it lightly with your finger. My unit had a crudely cast platter, cueing drift when the needle was lowered to the record, a tonearm that didn't track as well as the tonearm on my 40-year-old Dual 1229, and non-functioning antiskate. Rek-O-Kut suggested that the antiskate was merely "light" and offered to adjust it for me. It shouldn't have shipped from the factory in this condition, Rek-O-Kut, and, no, it wasn't light; it was broken. No amount of adjustment could have fixed it. I returned this unit, and I won't be getting another one.