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Feickert Universal Protractor

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This is it: Dr. Feickert's next generation protractor! We welcome this improved version of a very effective tool. The parameters are now carried out to utilize not only Lofgren and Baerwald equations but also Stevenson. This provides even further choices to reduce the distortion that can be caused by a less-than-ideal tangential position of your cartridge while tracking the grooves of your records. This is the best solution for accurately aligning your cartridge with a wider variety of tonearms. It is accurate, compact, more versatile and even easier to use.

TAS Must-Have Accessory

Enthusiasts with even moderately priced analog setups will find this protractor to be indispensable…No more guessing over crude paper or plastic overhang markers or mirrored devices; this thing works like a charm.

Hifi+ Review

Okay, let's get this said early; I consider this a must-own tool for anyone who cares about proper tonearm setup and cartridge geometry. This beautifully manufactured precision device, the work of Dr. Chris Feickert, incorporates both Baerwald and Lofgren geometries, the two principle approaches to cartridge alignment – one on each side. It's also a universal device, handling arms of 200 to 440mm effective length! It's easy to use and as far as I'm concerned, simply the best. It is an essential tool for your vinyl toolbox and with proper care, will last a lifetime. Highly recommended.

Hifi News Review

Feickert's kit is impressive, especially if you want something more than a cardboard or plastic template. Most impressive is the metal jig for measuring the pivot-to-spindle distances – nicely made, if industrial…It looks more complicated than it is; a thorough reading of the instructions will have you setting up cartridges in minutes…trust me: it will provide peace of mind for even the most truly neurotic of vinyl users.

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The Feickert is the best alignment tool available. I love to try different carts and the Feickert makes setup super easy and accurate. Excellent purchase.



The tool that comes with a VPI Classic TT gets you about 80% of the way there. After fine tuning with this protractor there was a marketed improvement in sound quality and detail.



While this protractor is pricey I find the sound improvement is dramatic even over the tone arm manufacturers own tool. The sound is has more three dimensional depth, the surface noise is a bit lower, the dynamics are better. I would highly recommend it. Plus being universal it will work for any future upgrades.



I noticed an immediate improvement over "align by sight" tools I have used. I agree with the other reviewer - if you care about your listening experience and the longevity of your stylus and vinyl, it's definitely worth picking one of these up.



If you want an easy, precise way to align your cartridge, this is it. Worth every penny.

Great product!!!


Very high quality, easy to use. Yes it seems expensive but for the time it saves and the accuracy and easy to use it is worth every penny!!!