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Goldring 1012GX Cartridge

The Goldring 1000 series are advanced moving magnet designs that embrace all the advantages of modern phono-cartridge technology, including improved tracking ability and user-replacement stylus assembly allowing the immediate replacement of worn or damaged Styli.

The four 1000 Series cartridges all share the same strong, one-piece body made from Pocan, an ultra-rigid glass-reinforced polyester. All fixed parts can be held securely in place and the body can be tightly bolted to the headshell. The 1000 Series are each endowed with a highly efficient magnetic circuit which makes for a smooth and extended frequency response. As with all Goldring cartridges, the 1000 Series is rigorously tested to ensure optimum standards of performance and reliability.

Goldring 1006 This is designed for owners who want to get the very best from their systems at a budget price. This cartridge has an Elliptical tip for improved high frequency clarity and a powerful miniature magnet to ensure high sensitivity.

The Goldring 1012GX uses the acclaimed Gyger II diamond stylus. This is a fine line type which gives smooth extended high frequencies with a low distortion and reproduces a highly detailed and dynamic sound. Advanced diamond tip polishing ensures excellent tracking ability and reduces record wear. The 1012GX has become one of Goldring's most popular cartridges.
  • Type Moving Magnet
  • Channel Balance 2dB @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity 6.5mV +/- 1.5dB
  • Static Compliance 16mm/N vert 24mm/N lat.
  • Channel separation 25dB @ 1kHz
  • Equivalent Tip Mass 0.45 mg
  • Stylus Radius 1006 Elliptical 1012GX Gyger II 1022GX Gyger I 1042 Gyger S
  • Stylus Type Replaceable
  • Tracking force 1.5 - 2g (1.7g nom.)
  • Weight 6.3g
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    Kenny Day


    Nice highs and solid base good vocals quite pleased overall recommended

    The Gold Standard?


    Goldring 1012x on Harman Kardon T55C turntable with Microrace tonearm.
    Installation on head shell is simple, with the right care and tools. It requires precise alignment. weight, height, anti-skating. Use of protractor and digital balance for tracking pressure, highly recommended. All this to take advantage of the Stylus' capacity for precision tracking.

    I would give this cart five stars if I didn't have to modulate the treble. Which is not a huge deal if you have a system that allows for frequency control. I prefer vintage equipment Pioneer SA-5800 amp, with Pioneer RG dynamic processor, RG2, and Pioneer graphic equalizer RG 300. Most modern systems give you even more control to make this cart the Gold standard!