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Grado Labs announces the release of their new DJ series of professional phono cartridge. Built and designed to meet the demanding needs of the professional DJ musician, these cartridges deliver performance never known before in the pro DJ market. The Grado specially engineered transmission line cantilever allows for the ideal transfer of music signal and for safe and effective stylus back-cueing. The DJ series can track from 2 to 5 grams, and delivers the warm musical Grado sound the audio industry has embraced and enjoyed for 50 years. The DJ series incorporates our newest Flux-Bridger generator systems for lower effective tip mass and lower electrical inductance. Each DJ series cartridge is hand assembled to Grado's high standards, which contributes to the unchallenged consistency of performance, and the Grado guarantee of reliability. The DJ series of cartridges are the most advanced phono pickups ever offered to the professional DJ market, without exception. Cartridges are packed by themselves. Stylus replacements are packages with two replacements. The Prestige model DJ100 uses a three-piece OTL cantilever technology, oxygen free wire in the coils and a specially designed, high polished, diamond mounted in a brass bushing.
  • Frequency Response: 10-50
  • Principal: MI
  • Input Load: 47K
  • Output at 1KHz 5CM/sec.: 5mV
  • Recommended Tracking Force: 2-5
  • Channel Separation at 1KHz: 30
  • Stylus Type: Diamond
  • Inductance: 45mH
  • Resistance: 475
  • Cantilever: 3-piece OTL
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    Peter P Wilson


    I've just put this cartridge into myRega RP10 . I will emcee a vinyl collectors fair shortly , and I wanted something 'disposable', as accidents do happen. This was in the 'bits box', and long forgotten. Over the years I have had a Signature 1 ( 'BB' inscribed on the stylus body ) an 8MZ, and a Sonata from these guys. I fear I may have done all of them a grave injustice by not offering them an environment where they could strut their stuff . This little DJ cartridge sounds absolutely AMAZING, tracking at 2.2g into a REGA PHONO MINI, with Naim and Totem downstream. It has only one flaw. It does not handle high amplitude sibilants well, so is a bit edgy on closely miked vocals. Other than that, I am truly, truly astonished at how good this thing is in terms of presentation and sound stage. Induced hum from stray motor fields can have an effect, so perhaps check the location of your T/T motor, as well. I have reviewed here: Dynavector DV20X2L, Sumiko Pearl elliptical , Shelter 201. I think I will re consider Grado carts as other things wear out.



    I'm just a basic vinyl DJ (no scratching), but this cartridge sounds great!! i use it on my home turntable as well. I'm hooked