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Optimized Transmission Line (OTL) Cantilever/Stylus Assembly Grado's OTL provides an ideal transfer of the signal from point to point, e.g., stylus to cantilever to magnet to coils, etc. This has been achieved by eliminating resonance at each of these key junctions. The transmission line cantilever consists of separate sections that are telescoped into each other. All sections are made of different alloys, some sections hollow, other sections solid. These sections are bonded together with materials that act as dampers, and are coated with a black proprietary material which controls and absorbs resonances that travel on the surface of the cantilever (known as skin effects). The OTL stylus/cantilever design will make your records sound quieter, improve the height, width, and depth of the soundstage, and offer more detail than previously obtainable. Cartridge Holography does exist...and that is what Grado's OTL technology is all about, more performance. Pivoted-Fixed Axial Cantilever/Stylus Generator This design feature is basically quite simple. The "OTL" cantilever shaft is brought to a fixed axial pivot that supports the entire cantilever assembly. A miniature element attached to the end of the cantilever is allowed to move freely within the lines of flux of a stationary magnet and coil structure. This system of support is mechanically more accurate (more linear) than conventional "teeter-totter" designs that utilize an iron armature to balance the mass of the cantilever. The teeter-totter design is supported in the center with a rubber donut mounting. The fixed axial design has a very low tip mass, which results in lower distortion, improved transient response, and longer record life. Flux-Bridger Generator System The Flux-Bridger design uses four separate magnetic gaps that the miniature element of the cantilever bridges. The miniature element moves between opposing flux gaps creating an increase in flux in one gap while reducing it in the other. The four separate magnetic gaps create a highly efficient and perfectly balanced system. This design requires fewer coil turns than conventional designs. The Anatomy of a Grado Phono CartridgeHand-Built in the USA With 100% Quality Control Each individual cartridge manufactured by Grado is hand assembled and tested for frequency response, channel output, channel balance, phase linearity, inductance and resistance. This meticulous care in design and construction lavished on each Grado cartridge contributes to an unchallenged consistency of performance and guarantee of reliability. Grado's Prestige Series of Phono Cartridges The Prestige series of cartridges are designed for high output and excellent stability under severe use. A considerable tip mass reduction results in a frequency response to 50 kHz and beyond and tracking forces from 1-2 grams. Acclaimed by experts as virtually the finest pickups in the world at their price. Prestige models available in both 1/2" mount and P-mount. All styli in the Prestige series are user replaceable. Grado MC+ Details There are many analog lovers with record collections that include mono albums. At Grado we strive to have products that will fit all the needs of the analog enthusiast. So now, Grado offers two new cartridge models in a mono version. The MC+ and the ME+ are mounted with an elliciptical diamond. The ME+ uses one of GRADO's upgraded generating systems. All wooden body cartridges are available in mono version. This will make your records quieter and enhance the musical pleasure of these recordings. The Prestige model MC+ uses a three-piece OTL cantilever technology, oxygen free wire in the coils and a specially designed, high polished elliptical diamond mounted in a brass bushing.
Grado MC+ Technical Data
  • Frequency Response 10-50
  • Principal MI
  • Imput Load 47K
  • Output at 1KHz 5CM/sec. 5mV
  • Recommended Tracking Force 1.5
  • Stylus Type - C
  • Inductance 45mH
  • Resistance 4750
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    Peter C.


    Was looking to purchase some new, highly- rated new, mono recordings of favorite ‘60s Rock and 50s/60s Jazz. Also had some Mercury and RCA mono classical recording sitting around, along with a decent Yamaha direct drive, straight tonearm turntable - all gathering dust in storage. Made the decision to investigate some reasonably-priced mono cartridges. The first cartridge that caught my eye was a Denon moving coil mono cartridge that had a very good price, but had quite low output of about one microvolt. However, my extra phono preamp only had 36db of gain, so that did not seem like a good match. Then I remembered that a Grado stereo cartridge had worked very well on this particular arm and turntable, so I found two mono Prestige Grados at the Needledoctor. I only found good reviews on the least expensive MC , so I ordered it. Overall, I am very pleased by the sound quality, tracking, and lack of ticks and pops. I know there is an ongoing argument about which cartridges are true mono or pseudo-mono, but I will sidestep that one and just say- as someone with a trained ear and some years sound-engineering experience, this cartridge is good enough! Another thing I can say, the quality of mono vinyl is all over the place, so be choosy and read reviews first! Of course, many great mono recordings have been moved- and remastered- over to streaming services and cds, but there is something very special in finding 50-70 (33.33 rpm), year-old records in excellent shape for a few dollars on Ebay or at local stores! Lastly, make sure you have a tonearm and turntable that work with Grado cartridges since many do not...



    My Mercury Living Presence albums have new life. I can't believe a cartridge at this price could sound so good.



    I have this mono cartridge and it does a great job! It is nice to play mono records with the proper stylus. Mono is less noisy and there is quite a bit of mono releases out there, don't be afraid, get a mono cartridge and dive into some mono LP's. You will not be sorry!