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Grado Platinum V2 Reference Wood Body Phono Cartridge

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Grado Platinum Reference V2

Optimized Transmission Line (OTL) Cantilever/Stylus Assembly Grado's OTL provides an ideal transfer of the signal from point to point, e.g., stylus to cantilever to magnet to coils, etc. This has been achieved by eliminating resonance at each of these key junctions. The transmission line cantilever consists of separate sections that are telescoped into each other. All sections are made of different alloys, some sections hollow, other sections solid. These sections are bonded together with materials that act as dampers, and are coated with a black proprietary material which controls and absorbs resonances that travel on the surface of the cantilever (known as skin effects). The OTL stylus/cantilever design will make your records sound quieter, improve the height, width, and depth of the soundstage, and offer more detail than previously obtainable. Cartridge Holography does exist...and that is what Grado's OTL technology is all about, more performance. Pivoted-Fixed Axial Cantilever/Stylus Generator This design feature is basically quite simple. The "OTL" cantilever shaft is brought to a fixed axial pivot that supports the entire cantilever assembly. A miniature element attached to the end of the cantilever is allowed to move freely within the lines of flux of a stationary magnet and coil structure. This system of support is mechanically more accurate (more linear) than conventional "teeter-totter" designs that utilize an iron armature to balance the mass of the cantilever. The teeter-totter design is supported in the center with a rubber donut mounting. The fixed axial design has a very low tip mass, which results in lower distortion, improved transient response, and longer record life. Flux-Bridger Generator System The Flux-Bridger design uses four separate magnetic gaps that the miniature element of the cantilever bridges. The miniature element moves between opposing flux gaps creating an increase in flux in one gap while reducing it in the other. The four separate magnetic gaps create a highly efficient and perfectly balanced system. This design requires fewer coil turns than conventional designs. The Anatomy of a Grado Phono CartridgeHand-Built in the USA With 100% Quality Control Each individual cartridge manufactured by Grado is hand assembled and tested for frequency response, channel output, channel balance, phase linearity, inductance and resistance. This meticulous care in design and construction lavished on each Grado cartridge contributes to an unchallenged consistency of performance and guarantee of reliability. The Reference and Statement Series Cartridges These series of wooden cartridges are a fixed coil design, hand-crafted at our labs from a specially selected species of mahogany. An intricate procedure of curing is done between production steps to achieve optimal sonic quality. Unlike the Prestige series, these series generator/stylus module is not replaceable allowing a redesigned one piece magnetic circuit and a reduction of chassis resonances. The Statement and Reference series utilizes manufacturing and assembly techniques of fantastic accuracy and precision, the result is virtual perfection in a phono pickup resulting in the finest pickups in the world without exception. Should be used only with the finest equipment. Recommended tracking force 3/4 to 2 grams. The Latest Version, the Platinum1 The newly redesigned Platinum1 and Sonata1 have had their coil design reconfigured, and the effective moving mass of their generating system has been reduced by 17%. All this is hand-assembled within a machined, new processed, Australian Jarrah wood housing. The Platinum1 and Sonata1 models use a modified four piece OTL cantilever technology achieving a 10% tip mass reduction over the Prestige series and ultra-high purity long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen free copper wire in the coils. The Platinum model uses Grado's specially designed elliptical diamond mounted on a brass bushing, and the Sonata model uses Grado's specially designed nude elliptical diamond. Comments on the Grado Platinum1 "The Grado Reference Platinum phono cartridge is the most musical cartridge I've ever heard, period!" -Audio Adventure / Dayna B Vol.4, No.1 "At the level of investment that brings you a Reference Platinum, the performance is a amazing!" -Primyl Vinyl Exchange / Bruce Kennett "If this is the bottom of the range, then what does the flagship model offer?" -HiFi News / Ken Kessler "On Antel Dorati's interpretation of Stravinsky's Firebird, the Platinum's reproduction of room sound and image dimensionality gave a vibrant sense of realism to the work." -Stereophile / Robert Reina Vol.21, No.6 "A prime advantage/disadvantage of phono reproduction is that every cartridge sounds different. Choosing one is like selecting wine, a process easy to get lost in. But if the cartridge is good enough, like Grado's Platinum, you'll get lost in the music." -Audio / Ivan Berger Vol.82, No. 2 "Let me say straight out: like the Maggie 1.6QRs or the Goldman SRA, the Grado Platinum is one of those incredible bargains that doesn't just give you a "taste" of high fidelity but pretty much the whole enchilada for the price of, er, a whole enchilada.' -Fi magazine / Jonathan Valin Vol.3, No.11
Grado Platinum Reference V2 Technical Data
  • Output : 4.8mV @ 5 CMV (45)
  • Controlled Frequency Response: 10-60 KHZ
  • Channel Separation: Average 30DB - 10-30,000
  • Input Load: 47,000 OHMS
  • Inductance: 50 Mh
  • Resistance: 600 OHMS
  • Non Sensitive To Captive Load
  • Tracking Force: 1.5-1.9 Grams
  • Weight: 10 Grams
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    dave elliott


    as someone who long ago was in the audio business, I had the luxury of auditioning almost all available moving magnets. While Grado manufacture isn't the highest technology standard, the fact is that their patent is the best result for a moving magnet fidelity. Buy a cheapgrado as a test if you need to prove what I'm talking about before making the investment. What the grado doesn't have is the high frequency air of good moving coils but you will have a struggle finding a moving coil that sounds as right. for less than $1000



    This is a very impressive cartridge! Thanks Brian for the recommendation! Now my rock music really rocks. This is articulate with tight bass. I can hear more instrumentation. Highly recommended. Thanks Needle doctor,



    WOW! This is probably the best cartridge under 500 dollars. I finally broke it in after 700 hours of use and the sound is drop dead gorgeous. The bass is fast and agile, the mid-range is warm and rich, and finally the highs are silky smooth. Highly recommended.



    I really enjoy this on my LP12. It appears to handle the full range exceedingly well. It passed all my classical tests, and handles electronic music just as well. Really well mastered albums come alive and instrument separation is perfect. It is very picky for wanting clean records since it is so detailed. If I accidentally broke it today, I would have no reservations buying another tomorrow.