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The Third Generation The Grado family makes exquisite headphones by hand in their Brooklyn facility. Each iteration of products represents a significant step forward in sonic reproduction. Grado's headphones have already been called "The finest electricity-to-sound transducer in the world". So how did they improve upon perfection? Every single component, surface, and material used in The e Series has been upgraded and optimized for one purpose - outstanding dynamics and fidelity.
  • Grado's proprietary SpaceBlack Polycarbonate is engineered to absorb excess energy and reduce secondary impulses, for a clearer tone.
  • The e Series method of curing select Mahogany tone-woods enhances their natural ability to reduce sound coloration and produce consistent results.
  • Rhodium, the most expensive precious metal on earth, is employed to prevent corrosion on connectors, and unwanted graininess in your music.
  • iMore than 60 years of Grado Labs expertise have led them to develop the most refined driver geometry in their history, which tracks music frequencies with unequaled precision.
  • Design refinements within the housing prevent stray resonance from interacting with the driver, thus protecting the purity of reproduction.
  • The magnetic field has been fine-tuned for symmetry throughout the full range of the voice coil.
  • Even the glue is new, optimized for greater strength, less mass, and better reliability.
  • The traditional Grado open-back form factor has not changed, because it delivers superior sonic quality and greater realism than closed-back.
  • So if you're looking for one good reason to invest in The e Series headphones here it is: they bring you closer to your favorite artists. Your listening experience will feel more intimate because nothing comes between your ears and the performance. RS1: Referential Treatment Ever wondered what hardcore audiophiles are hearing, and that you might be missing? The Grado RS1e is the point of no return so be warned, cross this threshold and you’ll never enjoy mass-market headphones again. Once you’ve experienced this elegant audio masterpiece you’ll grasp the reference. The new RS1e from Grado uses a different species of handcrafted mahogany from our previous models. The earpieces utilize an intricate curing process that optimizes the tonal quality while giving them a new look. The RS1e places a 50mm dynamic transducer and an 8 conductor cable design in an open-air configuration. The result is a smooth, controlled, and coherent sound with detailed dynamics. Frequency response ranges from 12-30 kHz and the drivers are matched to 0.05dB. Weighing 9oz, the headphones are an example of the wonders of Mother Nature with a gorgeous light mahogany look. The RS1e is a masterpiece in the Grado collection. General Design All Grado headphones have a vented diaphragm design that incorporates a large air chamber. This design concept lowers the frequency resonance (distortion) of the diaphragm and extends bass response. The diaphragm is made of a low mass polymer, carefully formed to broaden resonant modes to reduce their amplitude. The diaphragm mass is determined with the compliance of the suspension in mind so that the desired low frequency resonance is achieved. The diaphragm's total mass is calculated to provide a full 20 KHZ bandwidth, while avoiding break-up at lower frequencies. Technical refinements for Grado drivers include improved diaphragm and voice coil design for increased bass response and a larger perceived sound stage. A unique process to "de-stress" the diaphragm results in enhanced inner detail. An increased ability to control driver resonance virtually eliminates distortion. For all models, an improved headband spring will afford greater comfort for the majority of listeners. Sonic Reproduction Grado headphones can reproduce as natural a soundstage from stereo recordings and provide as much listening pleasure as a good pair of speakers do. Grado headphones are free of room effects and placement problems, and they minimize any interference from external noise. They also offer portability and the ability to listen without worrying about the neighbors. With Grado headphones, you will hear recordings with greater clarity and with deeper bass than others! Grado headphones are the antithesis of mass production, as each Grado headphone is hand-assembled and closely scrutinized to meet full performance specifications in the U.S.A. Grado RS Headphone Series Details Grado's wooden Statement and Reference Series are hand-crafted at our labs from a new specially selected species of mahogany. An intricate procedure of curing is done between production steps to achieve optimal sonic quality. The overall sound remains pure Grado, warm harmonic color, full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end.. Comments on the Grado RS1 "...the Grado RS1 adds up to a resounding no-brainer recommendation. Some refer to it as foot tapping, or pace and rhythm, I prefer the term kinetic energy. Whichever term resonates with you, be aware that the RS1 brings all of the above to the musical table." - By Dick Olsher / "Grado's RS1 has been able to utilize the natural resonance of wood to produce – in our humble opinion – the finest headphones in the world. In fact, the word "masterpiece" was bandied about frequently in the edit meetings" - Kenny Booras / Industry magazine "RS1 is at its best with instrumental, vocal and small-scale groups, particularly if you like your music up front and personal. The Grados are clearly a music lover’s component, trading a little accuracy and detail for warmth, presence and tonal color – a trade most tube lovers would make any day. Try them on for comfort and sound, you’ll not be disappointed." - Phil Gold / Inner Ear Magazine "Even in the heady group of contenders the Grado RS1’s luscious sound scores an immediate “wow” response. But over the months living with the three headphones, I gravitate to the RS1 more than the others. I love these headphones." - Steve Guttenberg / Robb Report "…offer what many audiophiles consider the most accurate sound quality available in headphones. The low end is warm, the high frequencies are crisp and clear, and there is never any distortion. This is, quite simply, the way music is supposed to sound!" - DETAILS magazine "EDITORS' PICK! The chassis on these audiophile classics are handcrafted from cured mahogany, making them both light and dynamic. Amazing sonic detail, marvel at the clarity of your Steely Dan records. And thanks to a fully open design, you can have a conversation without reaching for the volume knob." - Paul Boutlin, Wired Magazine "From their honey-hued mahogany earpieces to the ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper voice coils, the RS1 headphones ooze old-world craftsmanship. These headphones offer a sound that's warm, smooth and dynamic, revealing otherwise-hidden detail." - James Willcox, Mercedes Benz Magazine The RS1's are the only product ever nominated by STEREOPHILE for their "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" distinction, two years in a row! "I say that the RS1 is a Masterpiece." - Ken Kessler, HI-FI NEWS - RECORD REVIEW Rated Class "A" on STEREOPHILE'S recommended components list. "It's rare that any audio product can come along and simply bowl me over. In this case, I yeild." -Jack English, STEREOPHILE Vol.19, No.7 "I would urge any serious headphone listener to audition this Grado RS1." -John Borwick, Gramophone "One of the years awesome high-end audio achievements" -Ken Kessler, Robb Report "The RS1 offers something so stunning that price becomes irrelevant" -Gavin Isaacs, Audio Video "If you value headphone listening enough to consider buying a reference dynamic, then you should audition the RS1's." -Wes Philips, STEREOPHILE Vol.19, No.7 "I can honestly say that there is no better sounding headphone than the Grado RS1" -Corey Greenberg, Home Theater Vol.3, No.5 "I'm very impressed with it" said Wes Phillips, an editor at Stereophile magazine who is evaluating the headset for next month's issue. "John introduces things that monster companies can't produce." -Excerpt / New York Times / 8/18/96 / Mark Cohen "We've always had bit of a headphone fettish at What Hi-Fi? We're often talking about how they can create your own private universe, plug directly into your favorite piece of music. Now we've heard the Grado RS1s, and our fettish has become an epic, full blown love affair. Ooooh..." -What Hi-Fi Review of the Grado RS1 Headphones Review of the Grado RS1 Headphones Review of the Grado RS1 Headphones
    Grado RS1 Features
  • Vented diaphragm
  • Wooden air chamber
  • UHPLC copper voice coil wire
  • UHPLC copper connecting cord

  • Grado RS1 Technical Data
  • Transducer type - dynamic
  • Operating principle - open air
  • Frequency response - 12-30
  • SPL - 1mV 98
  • Normal impedance - 32ohms
  • Driver matched - db .05
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    Amazing headphones! Don't be discouraged by the bad reviews the RS1e (not on this website, but on the internet in general) are getting from some people. I am an owner of the original RS1 with the "button" on the side, and I do admit these headphones have a different sound signature but it is not bad. I prefer them! Basically, these headphones have a slightly darker treble, especially when they are brand new. I have never had headphones that benefited as much from burning in as these did. Again, do not be pushed off by the naysayers; burning these headphones in has a dramatic impact on their final sound. I won't suggest a method or amount of time, but just to say that it really does change things. The base becomes smoother and fuller, and the treble brightens up considerably. The mids are basically good out of the box. For reference, I'm driving them with a Benchmark DAC1 (for digital) and an Ortofon 2M blue amplified by a cambridge audio 651p (for analog) both plugged into an Allen & Heath R16 mixer. I also use these headphones to play various Moog, Roland, and Dave Smith synthesizers all of which sound amazing with these headphones. So in summary: Let them burn in.. expect amazing sound! Do not expect them to be identical to the old RS1, and you'll be happy!



    Just played some Japanese vinyl and used the RS1i for the first time and WOW! Worth every penny. Clear, rich sound and comfortable to boot. A solid winner.



    Oh Dear !! Most comfortable and truly accurate cans I've ever had. Pricey yes, but you'll keep them and use them forever.



    What the reviewers never talk about is comfort and listener fatigue. I've used RS-1's for tape editing for 3-4 years and still like them (a lot). They are VERY comfortable and not at all fatiguing, even over an extended editing session. But, since they are open backed, they won't do for master recording of live concerts. The RS1's don't have the distortion that masquerades as clarity in lesser equipment, so I can use mine for hours at a time. A word on cost - yes, they cost more than I wanted to spend, but they proved to be a bargain after the first long editing session.