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Brings you closer to the LIVE performance! GRUV GLIDE not only increases the fidelity of the record, but also reduces surface noise, removes static, and cleans the record. The treated record and cartridge stylus will last longer due to the increased tracking ability and reduced friction. One application lasts for an indefinite period of time. The kit easily treats at least 200 records when used as directed, making it the most economical treatment available.

  • Improves Records Fidelity
  • Removes Static
  • Cleans Record
  • Improves Tracking
  • Records Last Longer
  • Styli Last Longer
  • One Application Per Record Side
  • Treats well over 100 Records Per Kit
  • Easy To Use

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    Each Gruv-Glide kit contains one 4.5 oz aerosol treatment, two specialized applicator pads, directions and our famous static tester (a foam pellet).

    Stereophile Rec. Component Class B , 10/96; rev. Vol. 9 #8.
    Record de-staticizing agent that ST found to give better sound. Apparently doesn't grunge-up the stylus or leave a film.
    ... "I really groove on Gruv Glide. If I sound too high, , though, may be it's because I've been breathing too much of the stuff. What is Gruv-Glide? Irwin's not saying. it's some sweet-smelling chemical lubricant, that comes out of a can in a fine, aerosol spray with an odor reminiscent of Marvel Mystery Oil. You spray two brief bursts on a black powder puff, rub that puff against another-I'm just follow in Irwin's instructions- then buff one side of your record. A little goes a long way. What it does, superbly, is clean and destaicize your record. And make it sound better. The sonic difference is more dramatic than with Last, which is a different sort of product, Gruv-Glide makes no claim to being a record preservative. The stuff does seem to lubricate the record, but when used as applied, it doen't leave any icky film or grudge up the stylus. I love it." -Stereophile , Vol.9 #8, December, 1986, p.41

    Audio Gram #17 January, 1982
    "Our ears tell us this product is a smashing success GRUV GLIDE geometrically evaluates some disks and systems to near perfection the listener is transported 20 rows forward into the lap of luxury."

    La Nouvelle Revue Du Son – May, 1982 France
    "This product is not 'bait' (deceptively attractive), but truly brings a surfeit of auditory qualities while cleaning away dust and static charges." (Translated from the French)

    Australian Hi-Fi - April, 1984
    "A most impressive performance."

    BMC Testing Labs, San Carlos, CA
    "You can really hear the difference one application makes"

    Audio-Video International, 1982
    "Took the Grand Prix award for its ability to improve stylus tracking of record grooves, clean and de-stat records and help produce demonstrably improves sound from records."

    Home Entertainment Guide July/August, 1983 Canada
    "In treating several sides with this product, I have yet to find one that did not sound significantly better than before."

    Mofi Records, Australia, 1983
    "Initial testing of GRUV-GLIDE showed that it not only cleaned and provided an anti static treatment, but actually improved the fidelity of most of the records, at least in terms of detail, imaging, and ambience."

    D.B.M. Induced Magnet Systems
    "In measuring stylus drag with sensitive turntable torque instruments, I have found a reduction in drag of about 15% after the application of GRUV-GLIDE.

    Audio, November 1982
    "GRUV-GLIDE not only lubricates the grooves, but also reduces the static on the record."

    Fanfare, Nov/Dec 1984
    "In all, an excellent product, strongly recommended."

    In House Dj, ReBoot: N.Dr.
    "Save time and energy on your next recording project by using Gruv Glide before you even think about dropping the needle."

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    16 reviews



    I don't think of Groove Glide as a Record Cleaner. Cleaning is best done by some sort record cleaning machine or even a Spin Clean which is not a bad product. That said, I had very some old Audiophile grade records that were damaged by Alcohol cleaning solutions in the past. After fully cleaning them many times on the RCM it did not improve. I then pulled out my handy can of Groove Glide, and it helped eliminate the glaze noise quite a bit. Not as much as new record, but much less noticeable and in the black. As a lubricant on a clean record, this does work well for his purpose with a fine line stylus, but the key there was the first cleaning. With an elliptical or spherical stylus it sounded better, but I loss the highs of my fine line. Overall, I am please.



    I've used this stuff for years. After a cleaning on the machine, I put on an application of Gruv Glide. It does a great job of deadening surface noise. I've gotten lots of stylus life too, and I credit that to records that are cleaned and lubricated.

    Rick Price


    Performs as described, with a caveat: If you have sheltered, I can count the number of times I've played a record on one hand Classic, Speakers Corner, RR or other "newish" pressings my experience says "don't gild the lily". But if you have a VG trending toward VG not so plus general business pressing that's as old as you are, and has a history before you, you might see an improvement. I'm a first do no harm kind of collector. So, if it's quiet, I don't try to defy physics. But if there's groove noise on hard vinyl surface classics that were played with a close 'n play at some point in their past, THIS product can HELP. I have a "special" worn copy of Newman's Little Criminals that I use for this very purpose.

    Douglas Glenn Brown


    Can't live without this stuff. Quiets surface noise (not completely in some instances as groove damage can be a factor that nothing can cure) after a thorough wet/vac cleaning. I find that for LPs that still emit surface noise even after the most thorough of cleanings, a bit more Gruv-Glide sprayed to the pad than recommended helps greatly. At any rate, sonic quality is greatly improved and surface noise reduced to a more acceptable level.

    Mister V.


    Good stuff. Reduces noise and static as claimed. I like Gruv Glide, as well as Last record preservative. Both offer performance improvement and wear reduction.

    Matt M


    One more thing, Don't use a stylus treatment and GG. Use a stylus cleaner and GG, pick one or the other not both.2 treatments tend to muffle things a little..and I have a $2000 Rega with a Nagaoka cart that uses a boron cantiliver....I feel this spray extends the life of the needle and protects the record. I hate playing records without it. It works buy it!

    Matt M


    This stuff is amazing! But lets be clear.It's more of a record treatment than a cleaner. I use it after I wet wash the record,dry it ,then apply GG! All I know is I get mad if I run out...good thing it lasts for over 200 records!



    this glide has power to assure positive sound in tou albums little to no tick-tick or pop fantastic stuff

    R Path


    A really good performer for light-to-moderate record cleaning jobs. I definitely hear the difference before and after cleaning most used records I acquire that are in decent physical condition...a lot of clicks, pops and surface noises are removed. A bit more vigorous (but gentle) brushing with the pads can remove fingerprints and smudges quite well. However, this is not a product to use for more heavy-duty cleaning of really dirty/moldy vinyl. And sometimes it hasn't worked as well as I'd hoped for on better-condition records (I don't have something like a Spin Clean to compare this to). But still, for the price and performance, I'd recommend it. And I totally agree with other reviews' comments regarding Needle Doctor's excellent service!

    Ben Compton


    I hate to Burst the 5 star rating bubble... But I must. For some this works just fine. However, I think it mostly depends on the quality, size, and shape of the stylus used. I used this for years with spherical (DJ), A grado blue elliptical, and a shure mx97e cart. It worked great and had no noticeable unwanted effects. However, upon switch to a JICO SAS shaped stylus which is on a boron cantilever and digs MUCH deeper into the grooves; it was somewhat of a catastrophe. What dirt that had been left by my cleaning (not a vac then but now yes) would come up as a small white ball on the stylus. Using magic eraser (best stylus cleaner ever--google it) and a stylus brush it was easily removed. However, even after vac'ing the problem still was an issue. So if you are casual, a DJ or have a modest setup then this is the stuff you need. However, I have found that many fine line, nude, and overall smaller tipped styli will indeed be muddied by this stuff. My records took on a very sibilant tone until the records were washed a few more times... Then everything was back to normal. My modest rig is: KAB modified SL1200 Custom record clamp Custom Janus Mat Shure MX97E with JICO SAS Stylus Onkyo TX-8522 Pure Audio Engaged KOSS CM 1030 Speakers crossovers upgraded...

    Bob Marcus


    I bought this last year and am amazed at how great it works. Not only does it take alot of noise off the record I have had skips disappear by using it too. I t is invaluable to my Ebay and Amazon business because I listen to everything before I put it up for sale.Highly recommrnded.



    Gruv Glide is one of the best products I ever purchased. I've been playing vinyl for over 50 years. That means I have lots of old vinyl. Gruv Glide is an incredible restorative. It takes away most of the noise makes them listenable again! I've recommended Gruv Glide to many people. The best thing about Needle Doctor that I would review is the SERVICE. Shopping with you by phone is almost like walking into a personal attention record store, like old times. Your staff is not only knowledgeable and helpful, but also honest. I've points many friends to your website.

    Tom Ivester


    A definate improvement in sound quality. Lower noise, cleans as it works to remove dirt that hides information and leaves a beautiful sheen to my records. A must have if you value your collection and want the best from it. Use as directed for best results and economy.

    Jerry Sullivan


    I' been using Gruv Glide for over 10 years. Prior to that I never put anything on my records except a clean pad and the stylus. However, a friend turned me on to it, now I won't play a record without it! In my systems, the biggest improvement is in static reduction, that nasty phenomenon that causes so many clicks, etc. GG seems to eliminate this and provide a bit of dry lube to the record surface. It can help the stylus track better and does seem to reduce record wear a bit. (However, most properly tracking carts do not heavily damage clean discs). Use exactly as the directions state - a couple quick spritzes to the enclosed pads, lightly rub together, then apply as directed to the spinning disc surface. Too much will clog the stylus! It's not necessary to do each time the disc is played.

    Several years ago I tried a little experiment. I restored an old jukebox and filled it with clean/new 45's. Friends were constantly amazed how quiet the sound was...after several plays I took some of the discs out and tried them on the main (critical) system, they sounded just about as clean as they did new! This is from a juke tracking at 7 grams! A can lasts quite a long time, so the price is not out of line. Again, one of the best "tweeks" you can add to your system - Highly Recommended!



    Good stuff. Cleaned up my old LP's and they are just like new. Just wish they would sell extra pads, or tell you how you can clean them.

    Great for DJs who want to keep their needles and control vinyl alive.


    This stuff is great for DJs. Since your hands are always touching the vinyl, the grease, sweat, dead skin, all the grime that comes off of your hand gets into a record. Gruv Glide removes this very efficiently. I've been using this stuff since the mid 90's. Yes it's pricey, but it's worth it for your Serato vinyl to stay clean.