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Gutwire Notepad Vibration Control

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Gutwire Soundpad Features & Specifications:
  • Each SOUNDPAD will support 20kg (44 pounds). Use 3 SOUNDPADs to support a 132 pounds of equipment. An 80 pounds amplifier needs 4 SOUNDPADs. For proper performance, SOUNDPADs should be placed under the sources of vibration evenly or directly on top of the vibration.
  • For placement on top of the CD/DVD/SACD player or transport, a single SOUNDPAD should be placed directly over the drive mechanism. Player or transport with top loading mechanism should place SOUNDPAD behind or next to it. For amplifiers, a single SOUNDPAD will work best if it placed on top of the transformer or 3 SOUNDPADs underneath the amplifier.
  • Special formulated cellulose high molecular polymer gel is filled inside the SOUNDPAD to absorb vibration, unwanted resonance, EMI and RFI.
  • The material is non-toxic.
  • Maximum temperature: 70°C
  • Avoid direct exposure to UV light. Prolong exposure will shorter the life span of the NOTEPAD.
  • There have been several products that have passed my way in the last few months that for one reason or another, I haven't gotten around to putting pen to paper about. Er, make that fingers to keyboard. Think of this as a fall yard cleanup before the snow hits.
  • Last year I had obtained positive results with GutWire's NotePad resonance control product and thought it to be worthwhile to add to one's arsenal of tweaks to combat the negative effects of resonance. These dense pillows can be placed on or under components. I preferred them resting on top. When GutWire discovered many customers were using two NotePads on each component, a larger pad was developed. Like the NotePad, the new SoundPad contains a thick viscous fluid in a black nylon bag. However, the SoundPad contains nearly twice the amount of goo and has an attractive circular shape. As useful as the Note Pads were, the larger SoundPad was more effective in controlling resonance. Like its smaller sibling, the greatest benefit was on disc players. I noted across-the-board improvements in overall coherence along with an attendant decrease in excessive brightness. The bottom end firmed up and the midrange was more intelligible. The newer pads also performed admirably on loudspeakers, having much the same effect as on CD players and amps. While my Kestrels' tops were too narrow for the SoundPads, they worked well on top of the Omega Super 3R.
  • Mind you, these were not enormous improvements but as with the Notepads, the benefits were indeed worthwhile. The SoundPads are not the be-all and end-all of resonance control, but they would be a valuable tool for audiophiles to keep handy. And they are inexpensive. Retailing at $150/3, the GutWire SoundPad offers good value.
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