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In the Groove Record Cleaner

8 Reviews


A Revolutionary Record Cleaning Tool In the Groove Gets Dirt and Debris OUT of the Grooves. It removes finger prints and grabs deep-down dirt out of the grooves of any record, and it lasts forever! Just rinse under the sink, dry with paper towels, and it's good as new. In The Groove is an ingenious new record cleaning roller. Its patented material was designed by a surgeon for use in the operating room where it keeps surgical instruments close at hand. This patented material has been repurposed as one of the coolest record cleaning tools ever designed. The soft, sticky substance sinks deep down into the grooves, pulling out years of debris and removing ticks and pops from your vinyl. Place any LP on a flat surface and roll In The Groove on the record following the grooves. No fluids or cleaning agents needed. When it gets dirty, just rinse it off under the sink and blot it dry with a paper towel. The sticky surface will be good as new. Our highest recommendation for an entry-level record cleaning tool! In The Groove also removes dirt and fingerprints from:
  • Flat-Panel Televisions
  • Computer/Laptop Screens
  • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Any cell phone
  • Its uses are endless, it lasts forever and you don't need any cleaning chemicals!

    Ratings & Reviews

    8 reviews



    I bought this earlier this year, and I love it. It leaves no trace of residue that I can see.



    I didn't really expect much out of this but for $20 I thought it was worth a shot. So far I've been quite impressed by it. Well worth the $20



    Bought this a few years ago and ended up tossing it in the trash. It worked well for some records, but then on a few others it left a very dense residue that is impossible to remove. I ruined two precious records this way.

    Nick H.


    I ordered this cleaner last week and got it in the other night. At first it was great. But upon using it today it seems to be leaving a residue on the records. I followed the cleaning direction and cleaned the roller. But it is still leaving a residue on the records. It did this to 2 records. I hope there not destroyed. They arent rare records but they were both good ones. Im quite upset by this and would have to say Ill tell others to steer clear of this cleaner.

    Jesse Pace


    I really like this product, and it works very well. Picks up dust and hairs and washes right off. I've had mine for 6 months and it's starting to lose it's tack but I'm about to buy a second one and will probably buy another one after that.



    Funky thing, really works. Worthy addition. Just be sure to hold the LP down when using to avoid scratches.

    John Austin


    This roller works well if you just want to clean surface dust off of a record. The roller really works at that. When I shine a bright light across the surface of an uncleaned record, i see a universe of dust reflecting back at me. After running the roller on the record, I shine the light on the surface again and all of the dust is gone. Although the description claims the roller will pick up fingerprints, I have not seen that to be true.

    not a coventional cleaner but good results


    I'll admit I was a little skeptical at first, but after several months of use I have to say that this little thing works. I've never noticed a residue and it is quicker and just as effective as most wet cleaners. I' ve used it on record store finds and most of the time there is no need for any further cleaning. Good product.