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TecnoWeight for Tecno Arm and Rega Tonearms

John Michell, one of audio’s best known and most respected audio engineers, has come up with a versatile, precision-engineered, geometrically correct counterweight system, suitable for all Rega arms and their various derivatives. The TecnoWeight will handle a wide range of cartridges, with weights from 3g to over 13g. This versatility is achieved by supplying two counterweights for cartridges in the 3-6g and 6-13g ranges. The chosen counterweight sits on a new stub shaft that allows precise adjustment of tracking weight in increments of one tenth of a gram. The Counterweight itself is under slung below the main axis of the arm tube to bring the center of gravity of the whole arm assembly in line with the stylus tip. The TecnoWeight’s precision engineering and fine adjustment capability has a particularly large impact on the performance of the RB250 tonearm. The replacement of the plastic stub shaft and large diameter counterweight, allow for much more control, precision and detail in its musical reproduction. When used with RB300/600 arms, the TecnoWeight dispenses with the need to use the arms own somewhat questionable tracking force system, which further improves sound reproduction. The TecnoWeight is standard on Michell's own TecnoArm.

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