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JA Michell Gyro SE Turntable

3 Reviews
Tonearm and armboard sold separately

Gyro SE - Spider Edition

Take the classic Michell GyroDec. Eliminate from it the large amounts of luxurious perspex, which do not directly contribute to sound quality. Pass on 60% of these savings to the customer. Use the remainder for implementing a few strategic improvements to the rudimentary turntable that remains. And see, there's the Michell Gyro SE: a smaller and cheaper package that still offers all of the GyroDec's classy sound, even bettering older GyroDecs up to MkIII versions (when used with the optional clamp). A Gyro SE can always be upgraded to a GyroDec by purchasing a plinth and dustcover.

Stereophile Recommended Component April 2003 Class B $$$

sounded slightly warm, but bass extension and control were 'very good,' he reported, 'with just a slight midbass bloom that never obscured fundamentals or transients' and a 'fine sense of rythm and pacing.' Luscious, airy mids, good image focus and soundstaging. 'Very accomplished and, more imporant, well balanced with no serious sonic blemishes.'" Reviewed in Issue Vol. 23, No.s 7 & 10
  • Spider chassis, suspended stable subchassis (pendulum)
  • 25 mm thick 4.5 kg massive black acrylic/vinyl platter of high inertia, with gold-plated brass weights
  • Inverted oil-pumping bearing
  • Custom armboards available for any tonearm
  • Manual speed change
  • High-quality DC motor
  • Stand-alone motor housing
  • Optional record clamp
  • Optional HR power supply
  • Optional Orbe-style platter and clamp system and/or subchassis damping
  • Many optional upgrades, can be made into a full GyroDec
  • Finished in silver
  • Dimensions: 49 x 37 cm
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    A great turntable in every way. You can "set it and forget it" or tweak to your heart's content. A very high quality turntable for its price. With Michell decks, double the price and that's the price range of its competition. One of the best deals to be found in audiophile land. And you should seriously consider the TecnoArm as it makes a wonderful match.

    John Curtis


    Before buying the Michell Gyro SE, I had an Electronic Reference for 33 years, which is now giving pleasure to its second owner. Michells last a long time. The Gyro SE is designed, engineered and constructed to an extremely high standard from well chosen, high quality materials. Fit and finish are a joy to see. Even standing unused it gives great pleasure to the eye. Assembling and levelling it are straightforward, and do not take long. You simply follow the instructions which occupy just one sheet of A4. Once levelled, no further checking or adjustment are needed. I use it with the HR never connected power supply and Michell record clamp; the speed, to my ears sounds rock steady - no discernable wow or flutter (not that I expected any with a turntable of this quality). There is no audible rumble either. What you get is great detail. Dire Straits’ Telegraph Road has wonderful drum and guitar solos. Every drum beat is discrete, no blurring into the next; each is sharp and crisp. Each guitar note is so clear you start to imagine what % of each of the harmonics of each note are there. The soundstage is broad and deep; bass, midrange, treble all seem alive, almost tangible. Paganini’s 6th Violin concerto, Tschaikovsky’s 1st Piano concerto or Pink Floyd’s Wish you Were Here are all reproduced with equal facility. For the price, I don’t think you could buy better. I doubt if most other turntables twice or more its price produce music so well. And you get the bonuses of its beauty and longevity thrown in. Audition one – you’ll almost certainly end up owning one, they are that good.

    Best turntable value period!


    I have owned many tables, Thornes TD160, Rega RP3, Pro-Ject Xtension 10 and it wasnt until I went to this table that now I am a happy camper :-) Build quality is very good (its a tank) , with Techno Arm (RB202modded) it sounds lively and accurate with great detail and bass with a very wide sound stage. Every piece of vinyl now shows all strengths and weaknesses. The cartridge clips along with the wiring of the Techno Arm are very nice. Being able to upgrade to any tone arm really sets this table apart from anything ive used in the past, that really makes it special as this is the last table I will ever need to own :-)