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JA Michell Synthetic Main Bearing Oil

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JA Michell synthetic turntable bearing oil. For use with all turntable bearings .

VC and QC power supplies

The VC is a power supply for the GyroDec and Gyro SE's DC motor. It uses a large toroidal transformer, a builtin mains filter, and the same wide bandwidth discrete-component voltage regulators as used in our Trichord phonostages and pre-amplifier. The QC is an electronic power supply for AC turntable motors, based on a stable quartz oscillator followed by a precision phase shift network and two high-voltage high-power output amplifiers, one for each motor phase. Electronic switching between 33.3rpm and 45rpm speeds is provided. The QC considerably improves the performance of older GyroDec or Gyro SE turntables, and it comes standard with the Orbe and Orbe SE.

Rega VTA

A VTA adjustment sleeve for the Rega RB-250 and RB-300 arms, to be used with the new-style Rega arm board we have been making since the beginning of 1999. (Note that older arm boards for Regas can be modified to accept the VTA adjuster.) The VTA sleeve is special order only.


As with many manufacturers of analogue audio, Michell turntables (r)evolve in time. This has in the past resulted in easily retrofittable and affordable changes to the GyroDec, such as a bronze inverted bearing, a carbo-acrylic platter, several generations of power supplies, and the stand-alone motor housing.

Two important upgrade packages are available for GyroDecs and Gyro SEs. The first is the QC power supply, the second is a kit which contains a massive Orbe-platter, with bearing spindle, and screw-down clamp. While a Gyro with a QC PSU is 'a better Gyro', the same with an additional Orbe platter and clamp truly is 'a lesser Orbe' !!! Further, both the SE turntables can be upgraded to the full spec version of their 'mother' designs.

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E. Fischer


Cleaned out the old bearing oil out of an ancient Pioneer PL15D and replaced it with the Mitchell synthetic. Also used it to lube the motor bearings. Excellect viscosity and lubricity in a very precise delivery package.