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JA Michell Unicover Dustcover

5 Reviews

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Unicover Dustcover

Stylish clear acrylic dust cover that protects the platter tonearm & cartridge. Fits most turntables.

Covers platter and tonearm. Designed for the Gyro SE and Orbe SE models, but fits most other coverless decks as well. A simple and effective way to keep a coverless turntable's mat dust free.

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews



Keeps the dust off my platter and protects the arm and cartridge from our cleaning person. I like the 3 soft pips that keep the top of the platter from contacting the underside of the cover. Very precisely machined with polished edges. Good price too.



This does the trick for my deck. It definitely keeps dust off the platter and tonearm. More impotantly it keeps the kids away from the phono cartridge.

Tom K


The Unicover has potential but it doesn't work very well as designed, especially with a suspended turntable. It's not balanced around the spindle and will tip the turntable towards the tonearm. Plus, as others have mentioned, it doesn't provide enough coverage for dust.

Paul W


Most of the turntable dustcovers are over-priced (in my opinion). The JA Michell is a less expensive alternative, but does not fully cover the entire turntable. Pros: Less expensive than a typical dustcover. Cons: does not fully cover the turntable, so dust (while reduced) is still a problem. I view the Unicover more for protection from impact than I do a dustcover.



Does not keep dust off the turntable. If you want to keep the platter clean then this does the job but look elsewhere if you don't want to be cleaning the rest of the turntable on a regular basis.