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Kimber Kable 12VS Speaker Cable

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$138.00 to $708.00
$138.00 to $708.00

Kimber Vera-Strand Speaker Cable

Consisting of twelve gray and twelve black conductors, arranged in a large format braid. The conductors feature VariStrand conductor geometry and are drawn from Ultra-pure copper. The aggregate wire size is two 8 awg conductors. The smooth power and authority of 12VS make it a great match for full range speakers, subwoofers and the low frequency section of the bi-wired loudspeakers.

Custom lengths and terminations are available. Please call for details.
  • (Cp) parallel capacitance: 1027.0 pF @ 20 kHz
  • (Ls) series inductance: 0.35 µH @ 20 kHz
  • (Rdc) dc loop resistance: 0.012 Ω
  • Connector Options:
  • Bare wire
  • SPD standard 1/4" spades
  • SBAN standard 4mm banana plugs
  • PostMaster PM25 standard 1/4" spades
  • PostMaster PM33 oversized 5/16" spades
  • Cable Range Details:
  • Full Range: one run of cable per channel, two connectors at both the amp and speaker ends
  • Internal Bi-wire: one run of cable per channel, two connectors at the amp and, four at the speaker end
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