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Kimber Kable 8PR Speaker Cable

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$73.00 to $398.00
$73.00 to $398.00

Classic Kimber Kable Speaker Wire

The construction of 8PR consists of eight brown and eight black conductors, arranged in a large format braid. Individual conductors are high-purity copper. The aggregate wire size is two 10awg conductors. 8PR provides sound that is full bodied and powerful, making it ideal for subwoofers and the low frequency section of bi-wired speakers, as well as for full range applications.

Custom lengths and terminations are available. Please call for details.
  • Eight brown and eight black braided conductors
  • 2 x 10awg/5.27mm
  • High-purity copper
  • Special formula PE dielectric
  • Technical:
  • Parallel capacitance: 742pF @ 20kHz
  • Series inductance: 0.459H @ 20kHz
  • DC loop resistance: 0.021Ω
  • Total reactance: 0.057Ω @ 20kHz
  • Frequency response: 0.5dB DC-50kHz
  • Connector Options:
  • Bare wire
  • SPD standard 1/4" spades
  • SBAN standard 4mm banana plugs
  • PostMaster PM25 standard 1/4" spades
  • PostMaster PM33 oversized 5/16" spades
  • Cable Range Details:
  • Full Range: one run of cable per channel, two connectors at both the amp and speaker ends
  • Internal Bi-wire: one run of cable per channel, two connectors at the amp end, four at the speaker end
  • External Bi-wire: two runs of cable per channel, two connectors at the amp and, four at the speaker end
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    I had always thought spending a fair chunk of change on cables was nonsense, until I purchased the Kimber Kable 8PR. Completely changed (in a good way) the sound of my system. Quieter (although it's hard to describe how), more detail, better separation, and really just a more realistic, pleasing sound to my vinyl. And the change was immediate. Good stuff. Very pleased with my purchase.

    Bob H


    These added some heft and clarity that was missing in the low end on my B&W CM10s. I don't understand why braiding lots of small cables together sounds better than the same gauge of standard cable, but it does.