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Kimber Kable B BUS USB Cable

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$50.00 to $140.00


This cable is terminated with a Type A connector at one end, and an Type B connector at the other.

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I just bought a 3 meter length of this USB cable because I needed to move my dac farther away from my computer. I was using a 1.5 meter Audioquest Forest, which I thought sounded just fine. I installed the Kimber, & ran some music through it for about 4 hours. When I sat down to listen to it, I was astounded at the difference. It sounded like I had changed speakers! I expected to hear tiny differences, or none at all. I was extremely skeptical about the effect of USB cables on 0's & 1's. However, the stereo sounds so much better in every way, that I am astonished. This could be the most cost effective upgrade I have made in 40 years of doing this.