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Kimber Kable BiFocal-XL Speaker Cable

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$1,317.50 to $5,305.00
$1,317.50 to $5,305.00

Kimber Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

BiFocal-XL has impressed consumers and reviewers around the globe. Similar in construction to BiFocal-X, the BiFocal-XL is designed for increased speed, articulation, and impact especially for use with speaker systems. It features a total of thirty-six individual VariStrand conductors: twelve for the inner, high-frequency circuit and twenty-four for the outer, low-frequency circuit.
  • Thirty-six discrete conductors
  • 5.5awg/15mm
  • VariStrand hyper-pure copper
  • X38R acoustic and electrostatic sinking core compound
  • Unique correlation circuit and alternating dielectric matrix
  • 31mm diameter
  • Connector Options:
  • WBT-0645Ce 4mm compliant angled banana plugs
  • WBT-0610Cu Nextgen 4mm angled banana plugs
  • WBT-0661Cu 1/4" copper sandwich spades
  • WBT-0681Cu 5/16" oversized copper sandwich spades
  • WBT-0600 Topline 4mm single straight banana plugs
  • WBT-0610Ag Topline Nextgen 4mm silver angled banana plugs
  • WBT-0661Ag Topline 1/4" silver sandwich spades
  • WBT-0681Ag Topline 5/16" oversized silver sandwich spades
  • Cable Range Details
  • Biwired: one run of cable per channel, two connectors at the amp end, four at the speaker end
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    Excellent match for a set of B&W800D loudspeaker. compared with different MIT, Audiquest and other LS interfaces in same price range

    mountain man


    You don't have to be an engineer to appreciate and admire the construction quality of these cables. Guests are more impressed with the cables than the HiFi equipment! Apart from the look, sound is incredible - no detail is lost and my speakers have never sounded better. But really, you have to see to believe - the cables are a piece of art!