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Kimber Kable HD29 HDMI Cable

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$187.00 to $984.00
$187.00 to $984.00

Kimber Kable Silver HDMI Cable

High-Definition Multimedia Interface cables were designed to transmit digital signals, both audio and video. Digital sources such as DVD players, gaming consoles, cable and satellite TV require information to be relayed to displays or projectors rapidly and accurately. With an incredibly high bit-rate, HDMI was designed specifically to serve the needs of existing and forthcoming high performance audio and video equipment. To enhance the performance of today’s digital electronics, Kimber Kable maintains a commitment to preserving the integrity of these delicate signals. HD29 is HDMI v1.3 Certified with support for 1080p 60Hz and 24Hz, Deep Color, X.V. Color 7.1 Lossless PCM Audio, Dolby Tru-HD, DTS MasterAudio HD.

The HD series was created using Kimber's OSCaR (Objective Subjective Correlation and Results) engineering process, which links scientific measurements to listening impressions. Kimber Kable has an exceptionally advanced testing and research facility.
  • 6.1% silver-plated 24 AWG copper main conductors
  • High performance foamed polyethylene conductor dielectric
  • Tri-shield design
  • Ferrite noise reduction beads
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    Not a blind review


    Kimber isn't a snake-oil company. These cables are the real deal. Saying these are the same as some junk "bay" ones is like saying E&J Brandy is the same as Remy Martin Louis XIII. One is cheap, the other costs an arm and a leg for a reason!